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Did you know that the average person has around 100,000 hairs on their head? So you shouldn’t be surprised if you see lots of hair strands the next time you run a brush through it.

But sometimes, there is cause for alarm when you notice unusual hair loss. Maybe you’ve recently opted for a different hair parting or style to cover up a thinning patch.

Hair loss is a concern for some, but you can make simple changes to avoid it. A change in diet might help, so let us introduce you to the top foods to prevent hair loss and help you achieve that thicker, glossier mane. 


Nutritionists regularly list eggs as a superfood. They have the perfect balance of protein and fat and are rich in vitamin D and iron. And if that wasn’t super enough, they are also delicious, cheap, versatile, and easy to cook!

It’s the protein in eggs that helps to prevent hair loss. Protein is what our hair needs to grow. And eggs also contain an amino acid called L-lysine. Scientists have linked that amino acid to hair growth. 


It’s no wonder salmon is such a popular fish choice on menus around the country. It has bags of flavor, and it’s full of all those omega-3 essential fatty acids often mentioned in health articles.

And salmon makes yet another appearance here as a top recommendation for healthy hair. Those high omega-3 fatty acids are fantastic, as they promote healthy hair growth. 

Don’t despair at age-related hair loss, however. You can consider a treatment like SMP, something you can learn more about here. 


Sweet and colorful red and yellow peppers look lovely in a salad, don’t they? But there is more to peppers than their looks. Did you know they are also an excellent food to reverse hair loss? 

Peppers are high in vitamin C and full of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight inflammation in the body and defend against cell damage. That includes preventing harm to those delicate hair follicles too. 

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are dark, leafy green vegetables that grown-ups told us to eat when we were children. And guess what? Our parents were right! They are some of the best foods for thicker hair. 

Dark leafy greens like kale and broccoli are natural medicines for our bodies and offer various benefits.

They are a fantastic source of iron, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Having plenty of iron in your diet is crucial if you want to maintain healthy hair. 

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are another vital source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, something your body demands for growing a healthy head of hair.

The best choices are walnuts and sunflower seeds. Still, adding other nuts and seeds to your diet will help, provided that they are unprocessed (no added salt, sugar, or flavorings).

The Best Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

The best thing about these foods to prevent hair loss is that they are easy to add to your diet right now. You’ll start seeing the health benefits for your hair, skin, and general well-being!

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