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Giveaway marketing is a great way for every business to interact with the audience. It builds a strong relationship with the fans, as well as generating leads that will turn into sales.

When sales increases, brand awareness also grows rapidly. In addition, this gives the possibility of grabbing the attention of new customers, as well as existing customers. Therefore giveaway marketing is a successful strategy. Well,  if used correctly, you’ll be assured to get great results for your business. In this post, I’ll cover the best ideas that will help you in preparing for your giveaway marketing.

Organizing a Gift Giveaway

Before launching your giveaway, you should take deep research. By doing so, you’ll get solid ideas about your products. And you’ll get a proven track record of Google search volume to your topic. If your topic has examples of virality, then you’ll be assured to go viral with your giveaway marketing.

After doing your research,  be more active than before to your social media platforms in order to drive more traffic to your giveaway marketing. Social media is very quick and easy in interacting with customers. And in this way, you’ll be having a clear picture of how to carry on with your marketing strategies.

Make Useful Giveaway Gift

A great giveaway strategy is to invest in something that is useful to your customers. It shouldn’t be something that will be just forgotten within a few days. It can be something they should be able to use all the time. For instance, it can be an everyday item branded with your logo that gives a reminder of your brand when they use it. You can think of bags, shirts, mugs, pens, and an umbrella. Just like these items, they can be used at any time.

Well, the point is that whatever you choose, make sure that it won’t be something they’ll use once in a moon. But it should be items that can speak your name to the audience on a daily basis.

VIP Product Sampler

You should also try to make it professional so that you won’t lose credibility. If you can’t manage to buy products to brand, you can offer the winners a chance to get a VIP product. Those winners would be the first to use your products. And they’ll leave positive reviews to your social media platforms when they tested your products on its best. This is a great strategy you can use to drive sales and grow your business. Also, this idea can help you to get genuine feedback from the users.

Photo Challenge and Hashtag Contest

Photo and hashtag contests can be done separately as well as combined. These are the most effective ways for giveaway marketing and a clever way to create engagement in your giveaway.

You can sponsor contests through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All you have to do is to ask customers to pose with your products. By doing so, you get connected with new customers and existing customers. Also, you get to see the faces who support your business. Apart from creativity, this giveaway marketing strategy helps you to collect helpful testimonials when the customers explain the ways they benefit from your products.

Furthermore, hashtag contests allow you to track your social media engagement, as well as enhancing your brand awareness. So when creating your hashtag, make sure to use something that is unique to your competition. Avoid something that is generic as it will give you unintentional entries.


Sometimes it becomes hard to turn engagement into sales even after making a great effort to generate leads. That’s where you should take advantage of coupons. Giving coupons is a possible way of getting sales because everyone loves discounts. Actually, it’s hard for every customer to resist a coupon.

What you need to do is to create a contest for people to enter and stand a chance to win a coupon. You can make an amount ranging from 10% – 35%, depending on your products. In addition to that, your customers will be trapped to check all the services you offer.


Gift cards are one of the excellent giveaway marketing ideas that everyone likes to use. They’re simple and much accessible. Most people who enter to win a gift card are potential buyers, even if they are new customers. That is why gift cards remain a popular way of driving sales.

Run a Referral Contest

A referral contest helps to generate a ton of social engagement. Participants will work hard in sharing your giveaway, through social media platforms. As you know, nowadays most people are making their living online, so your participants will be energetic to spread the word in order to be rewarded. And this will be a great way to build your social following.

Wrap up

By using these ideas, you’ll be able to generate leads, grow your brand awareness as well as keeping your customers happy about your products. Furthermore, make effective use of your business’s social media pages, and pay attention to your customer’s queries in order to leg up on your business.

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