If you are looking for the best plagiarism checker for educational work, then you are in the right place because today we are going to help you with the details about the best tool for checking plagiarism! Now, this is a fact that we can’t deny that plagiarism checkers are one of the most important tools that are needed by us in our lives and especially in our student life we need plagiarism checkers which are both free and reliable to use! We will like you guys to read this three-minute article until the end so that you can know about the best tool that you can use as a student!

Now there are plenty of tools available on the internet, and you will see ads about different tools all around the internet, but the best tool is the one that we are discussing today in our article! 

This tool is not only free but is also reliable and accurate in its use! You should understand the fact that not all plagiarism checker tools on the internet are accurate, and this is because of the weak algorithms and the limited database that they have! 

So instead of trying and experiencing the use of new tools, you should use the one that is discussed below in detail!

Check Plagiarism with SearchEngineReports!

Now, the most amazing and accepted website on the internet for search engine optimization and content management! Yes, we are talking about searchenginereports.net! You can easily check plagiarism in your assignments and research papers with the help of this amazing tool and we will also like you guys that even though you have zero experience in using this kind of tools you can still check plagiarism like a pro after reading the use of this tool!

Now, you don’t have to pay anything to get the free and unlimited services of this tool nor you have to even register yourself with this tool! So you should immediately start using this tool and start checking your content for plagiarism! When you open up this plagiarism checker, you will see a very simple and easy to understand interface that will teach you all about this tool! So now when you have opened this tool, you will see the conventional white text box in which you have to enter the text by typing it, or you can also simply paste the text! When you are done with input, click on the check plagiarism button and see the magic!

Below we have gathered some information about the top features of this tool which will surely tempt you! So make sure you read them till the end!

Plagiarism Checker by SearchEngineReports.net!

  1. First of all, it should be clear to you that this is a free and limitless tool that helps you in checking any and every kind of content may it be related to academia or websites!
  2. Now, this tool can allow you to check over 2000 words in one go which is a unique feature, and you won’t find a more appealing plagiarism checker on the internet because you will only find tools that will offer you to input 500 or 1000 word articles for free checking!
  3. With the help of this tool, you can easily upload files from your document gallery! Below the text box, you will see the upload file bar which will direct you to your desired location from where you can upload content!
  4. You can easily upload the content directly from Dropbox because the tool is compatible with cloud services!
  5. You can check plagiarism by URL, this means that you can check plagiarism by just simply entering the URL address of the website in the URL bar! This is one of the most interesting features of this tool!
  6. You can easily exclude the URLs of the websites that you want to ignore in checking your content for plagiarism! The tool will not check plagiarism for those particular websites!
  7. This tool also helps you in checking grammar mistakes which is very much important in academic writing!
  8. This plagiarism tool will also let you know about the percentage of plagiarism in your content! This feature of the tool will help you in authenticating the originality of the content that you have written! You can fix and rephrase the content if it exceeds the limit!

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