The open rate of welcome emails, on average, is around 91%. For this reason, email marketers use this amazing opportunity to introduce the brand to their new subscribers. At this point, it is not unnatural for new subscribers to expect an appealing welcome email in their inbox after they sign-up to your email list. You can use ready-to-use templates provided by your ESP like Marketo templates, Mailchimp templates, or you can create your own custom welcome email template to woo your new subscriber. 

Here are some great tips to help you leave a lasting first impression with welcome emails. 

Tips for creating effective welcome emails

  • Tell your story

Welcome emails are great for sharing the origin of your company with the subscribers. The story helps the subscriber understand your vision and your motivation for creating the brand. This, in turn, strengthens the customer’s relationship with the brand. By sharing your story, you try to align your goals with the needs of the customers and, thereby, make your brand more relatable.

Rigby uses the storytelling technique in their welcome email. They use a personal note from the founder to improve their relatability. In the note, the founder talks about how he feels about ceramic plates. She then describes the problems she faced during her search for such plates and how she solved them by creating this brand. If the subscribers can relate to this story, their bond with the company drastically strengthens. 

  • Entice subscribers with discounts

Including discounts in your welcome emails is one of the fastest methods to convert your new subscribers into customers. A discount coupon instantly draws the attention of your subscriber and makes them engage with the content of your email. Moreover, you can up your conversion rate by personalizing your discount coupons. Personalization of the coupon codes makes the customers feel like they are part of an exclusive club. However, you are not only limited to discount offers. You can also include other perks like free shipping and other features to entice the subscribers. 

Plus offers an exclusive discount code in their welcome email to encourage their readers to make the first purchase. Below, they have mentioned all the benefits and the features of the product to remind the customers what they can expect from the product. Finally, in their terms and conditions section, Plus has mentioned that this offer is only valid for 7 days. This deadline creates a sense of urgency and makes the subscriber act faster. 

  • Keep it short

Use a short and warm email copy. You do not have to cram in all the features, product recommendations, and discount offers into a single email. Once someone subscribes to your emails, they are here to stay subscribed for a long time. You can slowly send them customer reviews, product recommendations, and newsletters over multiple other email campaigns. Therefore, a straightforward email copy is more than enough to create a gripping welcome email. 

Eton uses a short and straightforward welcome email. They thank their subscriber for signing up to their email list and list out the things that the customer can expect from the brand. In the copy, they have subtly mentioned VIP treats. This statement is immediately followed by a promotion of their membership program that allows access to the aforementioned treats. 

  • Don’t make your welcome emails promotional emails

You do not have to start pitching your products from the first contact. Welcome email campaigns are used to introduce new subscribers to your company. Once they are familiar with your company and are regularly interacting with your emails, you can start sending them your offers and product recommendations. 

The email from Last Crumb uses a compelling email copy for their welcome emails. To begin with, they have appreciated the subscriber for signing up to their emails list. Then, they took their time to describe why they started making their own cookies and how scrumptious they are. Last Crumb also subtly mentions that they would use later opportunities to sell their products to the subscriber. Finally, they have used the CTA button to redirect their customer to their Instagram page to increase their brand presence on that platform. 

  • Use a minimalist design

Welcome emails already have one of the highest open rates out of the various types of emails. Therefore, they need not be over the top to impress your new subscribers. You can use a minimalist design and email copy to convey your message to your subscribers. You can also use free Marketo templates to find a design of your liking.

Lore follows the tip to the t. They use a single picture of their product along with a couple of lines in their welcome email. They end their welcome email by attaching a CTA button that takes the customer to their social media page. A welcome email cannot get more minimal than this.

  • Send your welcome email immediately

Your welcome email campaigns should be automated and ready to go. Anytime a new subscriber is added to your email list, they should immediately receive their welcome email. The more you delay sending your welcome emails, the more you are decreasing their effectiveness. 


However, you should also consider the nature of the product or service while planning the trigger of your welcome email. If your product or service is readily available, you should instantaneously send your email once a new subscriber is added. But, if there is a significant activation time involved with the product or service, it is better to send the email once the thing is fully activated.


There is no denying the importance of welcome emails. A good welcome email will set the tone for the brand. Therefore, you should come up with a welcome email template that perfectly captures the vision and the mission of your brand and, at the same time, woos your subscriber.

Author: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers that specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email conversion, and email Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blog.

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