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Thanks to the COVID 19 Pandemic, everything has changed. These changes have affected how businesses operate and how consumers shop. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that companies now have to adapt to more modern and digitized hiring processes. 

Hence, it’s time for all businesses to reinvent their hiring practices instead of sticking with traditional employment methods. The truth is, old-school hiring processes will significantly reduce your talent pool, leaving you with fewer candidates. We all know that an employee is the most vital aspect of any business. 

Therefore, the employment tools you use during your hiring process will significantly impact your hiring capabilities. It also influences the type of talent you bring to the company.

No matter how well your brand is known in the market, all organizations have complex hiring and recruitment processes. This is because you need to find a candidate with the right blend of personality and competence to fit your company culture. Unfortunately, this means going through hundreds and even thousands of CVs to find the right candidate.

Fortunately, the below employment tools can streamline the process and make it a little faster:

  1. Video Conferencing Tools

According to a recent study, researchers found that over 71% of businesses remotely conduct certain aspects of their hiring processes. According to the research, this is a trend that is quite prevalent in many industries today. Such industries include retail, restaurant, and healthcare sectors.

Even the businesses that prefer conducting in-person interviews start the hiring process virtually. Most of these recruiters spend a lot of time on the phone talking to potential candidates and conducting online interviews. Then, they offer the candidate an offer for an in-person interview. 

This trend started as a precaution to protect the health and safety of the parties involved due to the Coronavirus. Today, however, it has become a way for businesses to save some time and increase efficiency in the recruitment process.

Thanks to this trend, most businesses are choosing to conduct virtual interviews. This has led to a significant reduction in face-to-face interviews since the start of 2020. Today, online video conferencing platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Skype have experienced a major increase in their user base.

This shift has resulted in over 86% of companies today conducting business meetings and interviews using video conferencing tools. There are numerous other advantages of using video conferencing platforms. These include:

  • Reduces the time it takes to search and hire a candidate
  • Reduces the transport costs for the candidates
  • Virtual calls are more comfortable than in-person meetings
  • Makes planning the interview easy
  • Helps your business stay updated on the latest trends in technology

Most candidates today prefer virtual interviews to in-person ones. Therefore, employing a video conferencing platform in your hiring process is a great way to increase efficiency. It also improves the overall hiring experience for the candidate.

  1. An Applicant Tracking Software

Did you know that the biggest problem facing today’s business owners is attracting, finding, and hiring the right candidate for a job? Unfortunately, this problem isn’t going away any time soon. This is why business owners should use applicant tracking systems (ATS).

The ATS software will simplify the hiring process by attracting and helping you hire the right individual for the job. Below are some key benefits that ATS software offers:

  • Creates an amazing overall candidate experience
  • Helps you make faster hiring decisions
  • Allows you to complete any new hires forms digitally
  • Streamlines communication process thanks to their text feature
  • Makes it easier to upload and promote new job postings on the job boards
  • Helps you create an eye-catching career page
  • You can seamlessly manage and organize candidates
  • The platform allows application through PCs and mobile devices

Hiring the wrong employee can lead to devastating losses for your business. Hence,  an ATS platform should be a must-have tool for any hiring manager to avoid this mistake. Finding the right people for the job is quite challenging, especially in today’s world of digitization.

Therefore, ensure you go above and beyond when looking for a new hire by providing your target candidates with a fast and easy hiring process.

Remember to use additional hiring tools such as Workbright to help you with remote I-9 verification. Workbright worked closely with legal experts to develop a federal compliant process to ensure complete audit trails and remove I-9 verification.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Consider this scenario: You have posted a job position for your company, and there is an interested candidate. The candidate has the right skills, values, and qualities that align with what you’re looking for based on the job title and roles. The job description fits the candidate’s requirements and will help them take the next step in their career.

But they have some questions about your company, who you are, and the workplace culture. They don’t know where to start to get the answers they need. This is where an AI chatbot comes in.

Having an artificial intelligence recruitment chatbot already integrated into your business’s site or the career page will benefit your recruitment team and the candidate.

Many hiring managers and candidates have already benefited from an AI chatbot, leading to fruitful results. A recent study showed that over 95% of candidates use chatbots to learn more about a company.

This is a major step in the job searching process. Hence, AI-powered chatbots are essential hiring tools for many businesses today. Integrating AI chatbots into your website can help you take out the everyday hassles of the recruitment process.

The chatbot will direct interested candidates to your company’s FAQ page or a blog post with the information they are looking for. Additionally, it can also help in human resources duties, provide applicants with updates on their hiring processes and help you with social media searches to find the right candidate.

Another advantage of AI-powered chatbots is that they don’t have time limitations. This means they can handle these tasks any day at any time. An applicant has some questions at 9.00 pm; the chatbot will answer their questions.

  1. Social Media

When looking for the right hiring tools, don’t underestimate the power of social media. It can be a powerful tool for complementing your recruiting efforts. According to research, over 70% of recruitment and hiring managers have successfully found great employees through social media platforms.

You can use social media in your search for the right talent. You can also invest in the right strategy to find potential candidates. However, you should start by establishing your brand on your preferred social media platform. 

Create a well-designed social media page for your brand using personalized and branded photos. Then, start sharing content on the platform. The content could be a PR statement, a product page, a news article, or even a new blog post. Using your platform, tell your followers a story about your brand, demonstrating your accomplishments and what your business is all about.

You can also include a separate section labeled careers to easily attract job seekers. This makes it quite convenient for candidates to see what jobs are available. Your hiring managers and HR staff can also use personalized profiles with their names, bios, and job titles to communicate directly with job seekers on social media.

While corporate social media accounts are great, having a personalized online account adds a personal touch and authenticity for job recruiters. Don’t limit your efforts to only direct messages (DMs). You can also get involved on a wider scale. 

This involves joining LinkedIn groups and even connecting with like-minded professionals in networking platforms. Join Twitter and use hashtags relevant to your job openings. You can also reply to candidates directly on the tweets or comment on tweets related to your business.

  1. Job Seekers Experience Surveys

Whether you hire a candidate or not, offering them a great experience is key. Unfortunately, most companies don’t know the type of experience they offer candidates during the hiring process. The only way to know is by asking the candidates themselves.

After filling your position, send out a candidate experience survey form to all the people you have interviewed for the position. Send the form to everyone whether they got the job or not. 

Sharing a survey form at the end of the hiring process allows you to get direct feedback from the candidates. This feedback is essential to your business as you can use it to improve the hiring process and protect your company’s reputation.

Take this as an opportunity to learn more about your company. The feedback from the surveys helps you understand your company’s strengths, drawbacks, and how candidates perceive your hiring process. The data doesn’t lie.

In fact, most job seekers today decline a job offer because of a negative experience during the hiring process. Therefore, learning more about your business from the outside-in is a great way to understand certain processes from other people’s perspectives. Through this, you will get worthwhile suggestions and recommendations that will improve the overall experience and efforts of the hiring team.

Always be open to both negative and positive feedback. The primary objective here is to pinpoint any weaknesses in your hiring process. Therefore, don’t take the negative feedback personally.

With many candidates turning down an employment offer due to a negative hiring experience, you are more likely to lose a lot of promising candidates. Therefore, you will be working towards improving your likelihood of attracting the right candidate for the job in the future.

  1. Job Boards

Job boards are among the best employer tools for finding the right candidates. As a business owner looking for the right employees to join your team, you have likely come across major job board sites such as Zip Recruiters, Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor. 

It’s advisable to use a job board when looking for job seekers. That’s because over 58% of all job seekers start their search on job boards. This is a great way to maximize your efforts and find the right people for the job. 

However, going through all the motions might not be enough. If you want the job posting to attract the right candidates successfully, you have to be transparent in the job descriptions. Always include all relevant details about the position, such as the qualifying requirements, compensation, responsibilities, offered benefits, and the company’s mission.

Candidates will become your future employees. Hence, they need to feel valued, like they are contributing to something bigger than themselves in a more meaningful way. 

Before posting the job advert, ask yourself what the position’s main purpose is and how it will impact your team and the clients you serve. When posting, ensure you answer these questions in detail in your job description.

Let candidates know why they should consider working for your company. You can do this by asking current employees to visit major job board sites and narrate their real experience working with your brand. This will spread the word and help you attract the right people for your team.

Simplify Hiring Process With These Employment Tools

When looking for the right candidates to join your team, you may be wondering, “What hiring tools do I need?”

Knowing the right employment tools to use in your employee hiring process is the first step to finding the best candidate to join your team. Fortunately, we have a list of tools to help you make your hiring process as seamless as possible.

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