Finding medical and/or recreational cannabis in New York just got a heck of a lot easier, thanks to the fact that recreational marijuana is now legal in the state. 

With that being said, there’s still a strong case to be made for medical cannabis in New York as well. So don’t discount that option just because you can now buy it recreationally. 

With all of that being said, let’s take a moment and dive into it—to give you an in-depth guide to how to find the best dispensaries in New York. 

These are still relatively untested waters. But in this blog post, you’re going to learn how to make the process work even better for you. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

1. The Basics: Understanding How To Find Dispensaries Near You

If you live in New York, then you know all too well that there are a lot of options for everything. 

So finding something like an awesome marijuana dispensary isn’t always going to be the simplest trick in the book. 

There are basically 3 different methods for finding the best dispensary in your area. 

  1. You can use Veriheal to get set up with medical marijuana
  2. You can use the internet to do your own search
  3. You can ask around and get word-of-mouth referrals

Let’s talk about how to use each one. 

1. Use Veriheal To Get Set Up With Medical Marijuana

If you plan to use medical marijuana, then the easiest way to find not only a doctor but also a local dispensary, is to use their online tool to book an appointment to see a doctor. 

You can easily consult with your doctor to get your medical card (a Patient ID), which you can then use to register with the state of New York to complete your application online. 

Once you finish this process, you’ll be able to get approved for your official New York medical marijuana card. 

But that’s not all. 

You can also request that your doctor give you a referral to a qualified medical marijuana dispensary near you, to help you find high-quality, medical-grade cannabis for your medical condition. 

This is probably the best way to go about the process if you plan to use medical marijuana in the state of New York. 

2. Do An Internet Search

If you’re not really looking to go the ‘medical’ route with your cannabis habit, and instead just want to get recreational weed, then you may be best suited to do a simple internet search to find legal dispensaries in your area. 

Here are some examples of searches that you could type into your search engine to find legal, high-quality dispensaries near you in New York:

  • Legal cannabis dispensaries near me
  • Cannabis dispensaries in New York
  • Best cannabis dispensaries near me
  • Best cannabis dispensary in New York

If you type these queries into your search engine, you’ll likely come up with a list of options that are located at least somewhat close to you geographically—and that’ll empower you to make follow-up calls, or to do additional research, to help you figure out exactly which dispensary you actually want to try. 

Tip: make sure to read the customer reviews to see what other people thought of the service at this dispensary. This will help to provide you with knowledge about where to find the best possible service at the best possible price, based on the real experiences of other customers. 

3. Use Word Of Mouth

Do you know other people who use cannabis?

If so, then you may want to ask them for referrals to help you find out which dispensaries they’re using and enjoying. 

Here’s the thing. 

Avid marijuana users tend to know exactly where to get the best stuff. So if you ask your cannabis-using friends, they’ll probably be pumped to point you in the proper direction. 

All it takes is a few questions, and you could have leads on several awesome dispensaries to try out near your home or location. 


There you have it. 

A guide to finding the best dispensaries in New York. 

Now you know exactly what to do. 

All that’s left is to get out there and get started on your search! 

By Kenneth

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