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Cryptocurrencies are nothing but digital or virtual mode currency that allows easy payment. These type of tokens are decentralized and allows for easy peer-to-peer transactions. Bitcoin Wallets work on blockchain technology and promise anonymity in each transaction. But, did crypto achieve this anonymity is it a question of debate? There is no straight answer to it which makes it impossible to provide a definite answer to it. 

Bitcoin is the first crypto token to enter the global investment market. Moving forward, the number of tokens has increased. Today, there are more than 14k tokens in the market. The total volume of this investment has now increased to more than $3 trillion. Log on to Bitcoin smart for crypto trading, an official website that simplified trading.

The crypto working model blockchain and decentralized finance model is a huge hit. Many investment experts and research companies found interest in this philosophy. Blockchain is being adopted by mainstream businesses these days. 

Along with Bitcoin, let us look at three other major tokens that are worth your investment bet in 2022.

Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency

XMR is another popular crypto that has attained a high level of popularity. Today, the token is being accepted as a popular investment model. XMR also allows for better of this token including user privacy. 

Along with user privacy, XMR also uses an egalitarian concept in its data mining process. It means the token makes use of the concept of being equal in its blockchain. The developers strongly believe that every investor in the platform needs an equal opportunity. The trading price of this token is $295. The market capitalization of this token stands at $5 billion as of 2022. It is important to note that the token traded at $90 per token in 2020. Fast forward in 02 years, the token has increased in value by more than $100 per token. 

Unlike Bitcoin, the transaction history of XMR is not loaded on its public network. The transactions on the XMR blockchain are not easy to trace. It allows investors and participants a safe network without the risk of blacklisting. XMR has taken a safe position for being the top 30 tokens for investment.

APR token

It is a truly decentralized token at its functioning level. The token makes use of hundreds of active nodes in the network also known as master nodes. These nodes are typically held by individual users across the globe. The ownership of maintaining and running the network is assigned to a single space or one party. The primary purpose of this crypto token is to enable users with the proof of stake working model. The APR token aims to give rewards to its long-term users. The currency today is being actively adopted by many retail and institution investors. Users can pay this token in exchange for goods and services. Many other trading companies including Gemini accept APR payments.

Understanding PARO crypto token

Unlike, the above two cryptos, PARO is a parody crypto token in the investment market. This brand-new crypto token has a lot of potentials. It was widely noticed and accepted by crypto investors much ahead of its official launch. The token aims to enable users to create parodies of their favorite tokens. The architecture and the working philosophy of this token provide its users with better control. This token appears and promises to be a potential token for 2022. The token is currently traded at $75 per token. The market volume of this token has increased incredibly since its launch. Many sales of this token happened during its pre-launch phase itself. The token took more than two years to launch since its announcement. 

Market performance in 2022

Crypto’s market performance has been depressing since mid-May 2022. Much-hyped tokens have been showing declining performance in its trend. Additionally, popular tokens including Bitcoin and Ethereum are also not exhibiting steady progress. Many investment experts believe that the market is in a self-clean mode. The market performance will increase in the coming months. If you are on the lookout for making any new investments then you may choose from any of the above. All three tokens have promising capabilities and will exceed their market performance. These tokens are sure to bring the best bet in your investment.

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