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Most crypto traders have an unbalanced portfolio because of their disproportionate exposure to digital assets. Failure to prepare when confronted with adversity is a prescription for disaster.

There are low barriers to entry in the cryptocurrency business. Most traders prefer trading robots like Bitcoin System for market engagement. The robot website provides modest financial entry criteria for people to start using its services.

Unfortunately, most of these newcomers learn the hard way and go bankrupt. Here are ten common rookie trading blunders that the Bitcoin System can help you avoid.

Investing Strategy

The most typical mistake is to start crypto trading without a precise approach. Any transaction should be preceded by deciding whether to play the long or short game.

While day trading has advantages, so does acquire and holding approach. The most frequent method employed by bitcoin investors is dollar-cost averaging. The robust technique has been in place for the Bitcoin System for many years. When it comes to making and closing trades, traders rely enormously on this strategy.

No stop loss trading

Inexperienced traders tend to trade irrationally, which manifests as a resistance to accepting losses quickly. Taking a loss and moving on to the next contract are two essential trading abilities. Traders that do not do this wind up losing money. Bitcoin System provides you with an option to specify a stop-loss or utilize the default stop loss technique to protect your money even in a down market.


Don’t be one of those traders who invests in a project expecting that its price will climb for no apparent reason, you can also register for Bitcoin evolution. Unrealistic expectations are the number one killer of bitcoin gains. When the price of cryptocurrency begins to rise, traders share a sense of excitement. With 100x leverage and no stop loss, it is possible to lose all of one’s capital if this occurs.

When you use leveraged tokens, you don’t risk losing your entire investment. The media influences traders’ unreasonable expectations to earn big with small capital.

A trading robot, such as Bitcoin System, can assist traders in this situation by making trades at precisely the proper times using fundamental, sentimental, and technical analysis.

bolstering a losing position

Investing and trading are not synonymous. Investors take average positions in fundamentally sound long-term investments. It is vital to realize that each trader has a different amount of risk and failure. When the stop loss is reached, it is time to move on to another asset. Trading is all about taking risks.

Losing trades can be recovered during a retracement because the market moves in a zigzag pattern. In most cases, using a trading robot like Bitcoin System, which offers several trading methods for use during different trading sessions, is a more practical option.

Lack of self-control skills

Something is appealing about making a lot of money just by being where and when you need to be. It’s as if they’re buying a lottery ticket with their entire life and savings. Rather than putting your total investment in danger, the Bitcoin system allows you to set a limit on how much you want to trade.

Unbalanced capital and risk ratio.

In general, cryptocurrency traders invest their whole trading capital in a single transaction. There is no reason to put all of your eggs in a single basket. This means you should break up your cryptocurrency portfolio into smaller holdings.

The Bitcoin System advocates investing across all major cryptocurrencies now available in the market to reduce risk and maximize earnings.

Inadequate capital funding

As the saying goes, what goes up must come down. New traders are drawn in by the promise of making a fortune without leaving the comfort of their own homes. However, this is only true for people who have a substantial financial cushion.

Professional traders must have enough money in the bank to live off of their trading capital without depleting their account reserves. Across the globe, an average of $50,000 in trading capital will give a consistent monthly profit of 10%.

In the wild, human dealers are unable to accomplish this. Bitcoin System has proven itself as an industry leader in this field after months of trading with $250 and making a significant profit. There are various ways to get started trading if you only have a small quantity of money.

Herd mindset

Another common novice trading mistake is mindlessly following the herd; as a result, they may end up paying too much or applying FOMO to a hot currency. Inexperienced traders don’t know when it is best to exit the market. Even after the smart money has left a transaction, it may stay open for new traders.

Do not invest in new coins without first doing a comprehensive background check. The robot automatically finds good coins to trade on behalf of traders.

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