The Cherry Wine Strain: Everything You Need to Know

One of the best hemp strains with a high CBD content is the Cherry Wine strain. It is also renowned for its dynamism, quality, and dependability. This makes it the most popular hemp strain among those who are seeking the benefits of CBD. The strain offers an intriguing fusion of citrus and sweetness. The Cherry Wine strain’s terpenes are what give it its pronounced fruity and floral cherry fragrance and its delicate earthy overtones of pine, black pepper, and herb. The most vital information on Cherry Wine strain will be covered in great depth in this article.

What Type of Strain Is the Cherry Wine Strain?

The high-CBD Cherry Wine strain was created by crossing two well-known hemp strains that are rich in CBD. 

The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries are these two hemp varieties. The Wife is an indica dominant hybrid strain with a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1, whereas Charlotte’s Cherries is a unique sativa dominant hybrid strain with a CBD to THC ratio of 50:1. Cherry Wine strain has a high CBD content because of its parents’ high CBD content. 

Some Cherry Wine strains include the same proportion of indica and sativa. For instance, the Cherry Wine strain from Cannaflower is high in CBD and has a 50/50 indica/sativa ratio. Users of the Cherry Wine strain do not experience a high because of the low concentration of THC, a psychoactive component, in the strain.

What Are the Perks of the Cherry Wine Strain?

The Wife, one of Cherry Wine’s parents, has pain-relieving benefits for migraines, arthritis, and stress. Neuropathy, persistent pain, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic inflammation, and depression are among the health conditions that Charlotte’s Cherries, the second parent of the Cherry Wine strain, is most known for treating. As a result, Cherry Wine has certain therapeutic qualities that it inherited from its parents, making it useful in treating a variety of health conditions including post-workout recuperation, stress reduction, and muscular soreness.

Which Terpene Types Are Found in the Cherry Wine Strain?

Terpenes, which are naturally occurring substances in cannabis, are what give some strains of the plant its distinctive flavor or aroma. These are pinene, limonene, caryophyllene, humulene, linalool, farnesene, and myrcene. Let’s examine several of them in more detail.

Myrcene: All cannabis, including the Cherry Wine strain, contains myrcene, which is a common and prominent monoterpene. It smells earthy, herbal, and dank.

Caryophyllene: This is a complex terpene discovered in Cherry Wine strain that has anti-anxiety characteristics and is responsible for its relaxing and sedative effects. It smells peppery, spicy, and woodsy.

Pinene: This terpene is responsible for the flavor of the Cherry Wine strain. The scent is similar to that of a pine tree.

Limonene: Limonene, a terpene with anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant qualities, is what gives Cherry Wine strain its medicinal benefits. It also elevates your mood.

Humulene: This terpene contributes significantly to the overall scent of cannabis and has analgesic and appetite-suppressing qualities.


Those who are familiar with the Cherry Wine hemp strain often recommend it to others as a CBD-rich hemp strain. Sampling it will enable you to understand why it is the most suggested.

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