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“Dreams worth more than money.” If you are getting beautiful dreams with a sound sleep then no one can stop you from achieving the target and goals in life. Having a peaceful sleep adds to the positivity in life which directly impacts the behavior of an individual. But to get deep sleep it is important to have comfort in the bed that makes the person feel happy all-around the day. Thus, comfortability in bed depends on the quality of the mattress you own. If you are willing to buy a new mattress it is important to look at the various features along with the price and quality. The first question that arises to mind while buying a mattress is how much you should spend on a mattress. Are you wasting your money on a premium mattress that isn’t much different from the cheaper models or what? To answer all of your questions we at True Classics Net will guide you about How much you should spend on the mattresses.

Decide your Budget for Buying Mattresses


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Buying a mattress depending on the spending power of an individual. Mattresses are available at different rates which varies according to the quality and features. Generally, in today’s time, most mattresses cost somewhere between $200 and $1500. However, there are premium mattresses that can cost upwards of $5000 and more as well. Thus, deciding a budget before buying a mattress plays a crucial role and affects the customer’s buying decision.  Even mattresses are available at a cost of around $150 or even less as well, Therefore, plan your budget and choose the mattresses to range for under $200, and up over $3000 whatever you love to buy.

Average Mattress Prices

There is a wide range of mattresses available in the market and depends on the sleeping position, budget, and quality we decide which mattress we can opt for. There’s a huge price difference depending on the foam to foam which drastically differs the price of latex or hybrid mattress. Whether you need a king or queen size and material used for manufacturing the mattresses directly impacts the decision of the customer. Mentioned are the different price ranges, types of mattresses, and ideas of the budget for spending on mattresses. More information for knowing how much you should be spending on a mattress

Mattresses for Less Than $200

If in case you have a tight budget and are willing to spend less than $200 then we at Trueclass Net recommend the things you must take care of before choosing the mattresses within your budget.

  • Must check the quality of the mattress. Recommended buying this with a good brand name to assure the long time warranty and guarantee.
  • Keep a check that the mattress doesn’t have the existing sag.

Mattresses Range Between $200 – $900?

At this price point, you can generally receive quality mattresses that have memory foam with a long life span time. Here’s what you need to know about buying a mattress in this price range. 

  • It will have a shorter life span than higher-quality latex mattresses
  • Mattresses in this price range of $200-900 will likely be adequate for around five year

Mattress Ranging Between $900 – $2000  or More

At this level, you can buy a premium mattress that has better quality material and long lifetime assurance. 

  • This price range will be ultra-premium and can assure you the lifetime warranty
  • Can effective for resolving a variety of sleep-related health issues
  • These mattresses will almost always have a 10+ year warranty or more

Wrapping Up


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We hope that you have got the relevant information that you are looking for. All the above-mentioned are the top-notch points that need to be considered while spending on buying the mattress. We at True Classics are there to guide and assist you more with budget-friendly options for choosing the right mattress for your sound sleep. Therefore, you shouldn’t go with the cheapest option available, but you should choose the right mattress as per the need according to the budget. So, look for the mattress size, materials, specific features, and warranty you expect within your budget. Fulfill your wishes or needs by choosing the right brand and right mattresses according to the requirements within the budget with continued assistance and help by TrueClass Net. 

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