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Even though the Government is striven to discourage automobile ownership, it is still a desired aim for many Singaporeans and even viewed as a necessary requirement for some. The comfort and empowerment of an automobile, not to mention the productivity and time-saving increases, are difficult to dispute. In other words, until others have the same notion and we’re all caught in traffic jams, destroying all of the benefits of owning a car. The unique Singapore Certificate of Entitlement (COE) system was established with the purpose of managing the automobile population in a “free market” way. If you are willing to buy a car then you should consult to any car expert.


Cost Of A Singapore Driving License: 

Of course, you will have to acquire a driver’s license first, if you want to drive the automobile you want to buy. Even if you want to or don’t own a car, it is a highly important asset to have a driving license. You’d be free to hire a car, borrow it, or use a business vehicle for business purposes.

Generally, it’s about $2,000 and more that most individuals pay. The exact costs that you spend will vary depending on many key factors:


  • Do you take private or school lessons? – (private lessons being about 10 percent cheaper).
  • During high time slots or off-peak, you take most of your classes.
  • The amount of classes you need before you go.

singapore car driving license

Should I just Purchase a New Automobile or Bring my Own Automobile to Singapore?

A heavy price tag comes with importing an automobile into Singapore. It could be your greatest choice, though, depending on what you want.


Firstly, Singapore is only allowed to use right-hand drive automobiles younger than three years old. The vehicle must also comply with environmental and safety regulations and employ the km/h speed. When all inspections are done, the importer can hire a representative to transport the automobile over and get a permit to clear the automobile in the Inward Cargo. The open market value (OMV) of the vehicles, the excises and the goods and service tax will be measured by Singapore Custom (GST).


The automobile will be submitted to emission tests and fuel economy tests when it reaches Singapore to determine the carbon output, which is subject to either an extra tax or a refund. This will be added or removed from an additional fee (ARF).


The importers must also submit a CDA which authorises the registration of the automobile. Once all the outstanding payments, including ARFs, insurance, road tax and any relevant surcharges have been paid, a letter of registration notice is provided and the vehicle is allowed to be used today. Here’s an example of the cost of importing an automobile (> 1,600cc) with an OMV of S$30,000 to Singapore.


In Singapore, how can I Buy a Car?

The easiest method to acquire an automobile is through a dealer, due to severe auto ownership laws. You will have to acquire the automobile plus the COE, which is a permission to register a car, for new automobiles, as its name says.


The dealer might also bring in a lender for a financing assessment if a car loan is needed. The buyer and dealer complete the transaction and register the automobile under the name of the buyer after the approval of the CE and loan amount.


How Much does Singapore have to Spend on Owning a Car?

A typical sedan costs S$80,000 to S$150,000 in addition to the COE. Road tax depending on engine capacity is computed but it is expected to pay around $2,000 each year. Also averages insurance premiums of S$1,300. For the first two years cars will be exempted from inspection and are subject to a biannual examination between the 3rd and 10th year. S$62.06 costs each of the inspections and S$31.03 is charged for re-inspection.

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