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Did you know that sneakers have been around since 1892? People didn’t refer to them as such until the 1930s, however. Since then, they’ve become a staple in the world of fashion due to their style, convenience, and function.

After all, you can wear stylish sneakers to look good or put on sneakers to play better in a certain sport. Some sneakers pair well with luxury formal outfits and others pair well with casual jeans and shirts.

How do you find the best sneakers for your fashion or function needs? Take a look at our list of shopping tips below to find out.

  1. Know Your Size

There’s no point in buying trending sneakers if you don’t feel comfortable or safe. If you get shoes that are too big, you risk tripping. Shoes that are too small could cause cramps and damage to your bones and toes.

Figuring out your size is the first step in finding comfortable sneakers. Measure the length of your foot in both inches and centimeters. This will ensure you can easily convert the data and find your shoe size regardless of the chart.

US shoe sizes aren’t the same as in the UK, Australia, or Japan. A woman’s size 6 in the US is about 9.25 inches or 23.5 centimeters. This converts to a size of 3.5 in the UK and 36 in European charts.

  1. Dark or Light Colors

Don’t pick sneakers simply because they sport your favorite colors. While it’s always great to put your favorites on display, you also need to consider practical function and fashion.

If you need sneakers during the rainy season, stick with something black or a few shades of dark blue. These sneakers won’t look soggy when wet. People also won’t notice the mud and dirt on them.

Light or plain white shoes look good for special occasions. Wear these when you’re at a party, formal dinner, or an uptown shopping district. They’re also great choices if you want to go out in casual-formal or semi-formal attire, especially if you’ll wear jeans.

  1. Ankle Support

Wearing skinny jeans but still want to add an extra stylish flair?

Pick sneakers with high-cut ankle cuffs. These will make the shoes bigger and provide better support. They also offer contrast for people who wear sneakers with skirts or shorts.

High-cut ankle wraps are also the ideal options for basketball players who take on the power forward and center positions. These offer stability and balance. Other athletes might have to be careful, though, because these sneakers sacrifice some mobility due to their weight.

Low-cut ankle sneakers weigh less and are better for people who prioritize speed. They also look good when paired with trousers. These are sneakers for a minimalist outfit so don’t try these on when you’ve got a fur coat and baggy jeans on.

  1. Midsole Support

There’s no denying how good sneakers can look, but they also serve a purpose for physical activities. The midsole of your sneakers can greatly affect your performance when walking, jumping, or pivoting.

Pairs with smaller, thinner midsoles are the best sneakers for walking and running. You’ll feel a stronger impact with each step on the ground. Having a little bit of cushioning will also protect your ankles, knees, and hips from the constant pressure and impacts. 

Do you need sneakers for jumping? Look for shoes with thicker midsoles to provide ample cushioning. 

If you’ll wear shoes simply for style, thin midsoles are the ideal choice. You’ll still have to walk around a lot, after all. Sneakers with thick midsoles can be a better choice if you happen to have feet that are often sore or need more support.

  1. Start With Black

Sneakers today come in a wide variety of choices. You can even find some with a whole rainbow array of designs and colors. To buy the best sneakers, step away from the visual noise and start with a black pair. 

Black sneakers are the easiest to work with. Black works well with almost any other color combination and most clothing styles. You can pair black sneakers with jeans, slacks, shorts, and skirts. 

When you want to venture to other colors, go the complete opposite and try white sneakers. Work with minimal colors until you find a color combination that works with the outfits you have.

  1. Dress Up, Not Down

When shopping for sneakers, don’t dress down. Don’t pick sneakers because they only look good with your casual attire and nothing else. Instead, start by dressing up and selecting sneakers that pair well with luxury outfits in your wardrobe.

Dressing up sneakers led to the popularity of tech sneakers and luxury sneakers, like this lineup of Adidas Yeezy shoes. Now you can find sneakers specifically made for dressing up. They cost a bit more than others, but these are the ideal shoes for going around in style.

  1. Always Check Reviews

It’s not enough to simply rely on a renowned quality sneaker brand. Even popular brands can come out with duds sometimes. The best way to check if the sneakers you like are worth the price is to read a few customer reviews. 

Don’t worry, you can trust online reviews. Over 84% of consumers consider reviews as reliable as a friend’s recommendation. 

Look for reviews that highlight how the sneakers look and feel. Look out for complaints about the size chart and the shoe’s durability.

Photos can also reveal how the sneakers look in the real world, under normal lighting. Sneakers look different when photographed by professionals after all.

Get the Best Sneakers Today

Now you know the different factors to consider when shopping for sneakers. Read reviews, know your size, and find the right tone. The best sneakers are the ones that not only look good but serve their purpose too so consider things like the ankle wraps and midsoles.

Of course, fashion and lifestyle shopping doesn’t end with these seven tips. For even more, read more of our lists and guides! We also offer posts covering technology and fitness tips too!

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