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Do not be alarmed. Nothing horrible has happened that you cannot fix.

Hundreds of millions of curious teens search for and watch porn every day. It is not only their sexual desire but curiosity that drives them towards adult content. Parents usually have a hard time imagining their ‘innocent’ child looking at naked strangers engaging in sex. Some even believe that their children are incapable of such things.

Before you do anything else, calm down and do not overreact. You can take four major steps to ensure your child is safe and has a healthy understanding of sexual affairs. Check what porn blocker on phone options are available to consider.

Block Adult Websites with Parental Control App

If your child is under 18 years of age, you do not want them to be watching porn. Together with smartphone monitoring and parental control apps you can spy on iPhone and Android devices. They allow you to block and filter sexually explicit and age-inappropriate content so your children cannot access it. By restricting adult content, you ensure that your child will not be able to watch porn again.

Moreover, iphone tracker also allow you to monitor other phone activities like texting and instant messaging so you can see if they are engaging sexually with a stranger or someone you do not know. Also this is the way how to stop cyberbullying. Teenagers are often quite suggestible and easily swayed. You have to ensure that they are not being targeted by any sexual predator.

Have a Conversation with Your Child

Many parents are too ashamed to have an honest conversation about sex with their children. Bear in mind that if you do not shape your child’s mind about these matters, they will only have porn and teenage friends to learn from which can lead to the development of unhealthy sexual behavior. Sometimes children watch porn because they are curious about sex and are excited to learn. That education should come from you and not some strangers engaging in directed and edited pretend sex for a few hundred dollars. 

Many times, children are exploring their own sexuality and preferences. Again, they should be having a conversation with someone they trust and feel safe with. If you feel out of your depth or do not have answers to their questions, seek help from someone trustworthy who has experience. If your child is showing signs of unhealthy sexual behavior, therapy could be the right option.

Develop a Healthy Perspective about Sex and Self-Image

Many teens consume adult content on porn websites only to develop unrealistic and impractical concepts. Porn objectifies human bodies and perpetuates certain body types as attractive, especially for females. That puts a lot of pressure and stress on the child as they want to look a certain way but in many cases, it is just not possible. Being a parent, it is your job to develop a positive perspective.

Similarly, adult actors engage in sex in ways that are always aesthetically pleasing and effortless. Another unrealistic concept that is difficult to replicate in real life. This makes children feel confused and they feel that unnecessary pressure to perform with such elegance and grace when they become sexually active. Parents can help children understand that sex in real life is more about finding emotional intimacy with someone than just pure lust.

Teach Them the Concept of Consent

The most crucial aspect of sex is consent, which teens often struggle to understand. Porn often shows sexual scenes in such a way where the girl has no option but to agree to have sex with the guy. Make sure that your child does not think that it is okay in any way. Tell them about the importance of consent and respect for the personal space of other people. Especially when this person is someone they do not have a romantic bond with. 

Teach your child that not only a clear no means no but also reluctance to engage in sexual activity should always be construed as a no. If someone is not comfortable engaging in physical intimacy, they should not push or attempt to convince them. Respecting someone’s consent should be the most important factor as it pertains to respecting their body.

Final Word

Your teen watching porn is not the end of the world. Neither be judgmental nor punish them too harshly. Since the urge to watch porn is rooted in a natural desire, you may have to deal with a backlash. Simply block adult websites and do not overreact. Have a conversation with your children and try to develop a healthy perspective about sex. This is the only way you will keep your child safe.

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