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Recently, I have heard a lot of discussion about Nicotine Salt or Salt NIC e-juice. In case if you are not aware of this term yet, let me tell you. 

Salt NIC e-juice is newly launched electronic cigarette juices that offer better absorption of nicotine. These juices are especially helpful for smokers who are having a bad time while dealing with nicotine cravings. In case if you are looking for the best Salt NIC E juices, there is no place better than only the next day Vapes. They have a variety of NIC Salts flavours and also you can get them at very affordable prices. Visit the official website of the next day Vapes Right now. 

In the article below I am going to write about Best Nicotine Salt E juices and a brief Buyer Guide. Please note that I am not an expert in this field. I am telling my take over this topic. 

3 Best Nicotine Salt E-juice 2019: 

I have selected the 3 best Nicotine Salt E juice for the year 2019. Let’s have a look at them.

Vape Chemist Philippine Mango: 

The best Nicotine Salt E juice that every ex-smoker should try is Philippine Mango. Vape chemist offers their very best seller essence for the people who crave for tropical flavours. This delicious mango flavour is a good mix of taste and cloud production. In the very first Vape, the smoker feels the enriched flavour all over his mouth. This formulation is available in 50 mg strength of nicotine. 

Mig Vapor Mr Pod Menthol Blast: 

This Slat NIC E-juice has good consistency with the Pod Devices. The best thing about this e juice is its good throat hit. Menthol blast combines its very rich taste with the icy finish. The first Vape gives you a fresh feel and you will even feel it taste all over your throat. This suspension is usually available in 30 mg and 50 mg. Mr Pod Menthol Blast is the best choice for the ex-smokers who are trying to switch to Vaping. 

Just Jam Toast 10 ml

Just Jam toast is expert crafted special Nicotine salt. This is an enriched flavour that gives you the perfect blend of Salt NIC E-liquid. It has less throat hit, for the people who are about to quit smoking. Even the fragrance of this e-liquid is quite good. It results in heavy vapours that will be helpful for you in satisfying the nicotine craving. Just Jam toast is available in 10ml suspension. You can also buy it from the next day Vape.

So guys above are my three favourites Nicotine Salt flavours. In case you want me to add some other flavours. Do comment in the section below. 

Are Nicotine Salt safe for health? 

According to different studies, it has been proved that Vaping causes less damage to health. As it has low and negligible nicotine added. Nicotine salts, however, contain benzoic acids, these acids can have bad effects on your health. The result of the extreme usage of benzoic acids is still under consideration. However, it is said that Nicotine salts are more addictive as compared to regular E liquids. That’s quite alarming though. 

Final Words: 

So folks here is all you need to know about Best Nicotine salt E juices and how it helps you in meeting the daily nicotine cravings. Get your best Salt NIC e-juice right away and have a happy and safe vaping. 

By Kenneth

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