What Are the Benefits of Using CBD Isolate?

Since the passage of the 2018 ‘Farm Bill,’ CBD use has exploded in the United States. As a result, many new companies have emerged to take advantage of the rise in demand. At the beginning of the boom, CBD isolate was the most popular type of extract in the industry. As time has passed, most companies claim that full spectrum CBD is more beneficial. 

In this post, we will discuss the shift within the industry and why CBD isolate is still an incredibly beneficial form of the cannabinoid.

What is CBD Isolate?

It’s essential to understand the critical differences before considering why the industry has moved to whole-plant extracts. 

CBD isolate is CBD powder that contains nearly 100% CBD and no other compounds from the plant. Full-spectrum CBD is an extract containing other cannabinoids and terpenes derived from the original hemp flowers. 

In the industry’s early days, most companies marketed CBD isolate as the purest, most beneficial form of CBD available. The idea that isolate was the best option was supported by science due to the complexity of cannabis and possible lack of understanding by the scientific community. Nearly all studies used isolate in their trials, giving evidence for companies to utilize in their marketing. 

As time progressed and our understanding of cannabis became more complete, the scientific community and retail industry shifted to supporting full plant extracts. 

Today, nearly every company will advertise full-spectrum extracts as more beneficial because they contain various cannabis compounds. While this argument makes sense, it has yet to be backed up with concrete evidence through double-blind clinical trials. 

What is CBD Isolate Good For?

While the industry continues to push whole-plant extracts, there is far more evidence to back isolates. One of the reasons for the support is that the scientific community hasn’t caught up to the trend promoted by the cannabis industry. 

We support the idea that whole plant extracts are more beneficial than isolates; however, that doesn’t mean that CBD isolates can deliver incredible results for many people. CBD is still the primary cannabinoid in hemp, and there is plenty of research to support claims that isolate can provide benefits. 

CBD isolate powder is an excellent option for people who don’t want to consume any THC and want a cost-effective way to experience the natural benefits of cannabis. Full-spectrum extracts are far more expensive because a product with a high, diverse cannabinoid concentration is difficult to produce. 

Can You Use CBD Isolate for Pain?

While there is solid research to suggest CBD isolate can improve mental and sleep conditions, pain is much more challenging to conduct high-quality research. 

Much of the scientific community has shifted to research regarding CBD use and opioids. CBD is believed to help counteract the adverse side effects and tolerance issues regarding prescription pain medicine. 

What are the Benefits of CBD Isolate?

While full spectrum CBD is likely to deliver a more comprehensive array of benefits and more consistent results, isolate CBD is still beneficial. 

One of the most important things to understand about taking isolate CBD is that the results seem to be dose-responsive. According to the available research, if you take too little or too much, the benefits will decrease. Finding your ideal dosage is significant for all CBD products but essential with CBD isolate. 

We recommend starting with a small dose, continuing use for at least a week, and increase if necessary. Then, once you find the benefits you are looking for, you can continue using the product daily. 

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