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By now, most people know that basketball memorabilia can skyrocket in value. However, not everyone knows by exactly how much.

In the past, Air Jordan sneakers have increased in price by 1,816%. That’s eighteen times the original value!

Even the stock market has an average rate of annual return of just 10%. In terms of comparison, Air Jordan sneakers can be a fantastic investment.

However, if you are looking to invest in basketball memorabilia it might be difficult to know where to start.

Should you purchase an old pair of sneakers that already has value? Or, should you buy new sneakers that will increase in value?

We have put together a full guide to basketball sneakers to help you decide which is the best investment for you. 

The Most Expensive Retro Jordans

Back in the 1980s, when Michael Jordan was rocking the courts, Nike released a new line of basketball sneakers. Air Jordans first hit the store racks in 1985, and they were an instant hit.

An entire generation of basketball fans purchased these sneakers out of a sense of pure inspiration. As a result, the most expensive Jordans aren’t necessarily the oldest ones.

The priciest basketball sneakers are the ones that hold an impressive memory.

In the 1997 NBA finals, the Chicago Bulls faced off with the Utah Jazz. Michael Jordan had the flu, leaving the Bulls in a precarious situation.

In spite of his illness, Michael Jordan played an awesome game. He scored fifteen points, leading his team to victory. To this day, fans refer to that game as the Flu Game. It is one of the greatest moments in basketball history.

That night, Michael Jordan was wearing a pair of Air Jordan 12.

Because of the emotions running high that night, fans fell in love with Air Jordan 12 sneakers. They are now worth $104,000

We know that most investors can’t put money into such an expensive pair of shoes. However, we recommend investing in pieces that are similarly emotional. 

A More Affordable Piece of Memorabilia

Air Jordan 12 sneakers may be iconic. However, not everyone can, or even should, invest in these shoes. If you are looking for a more affordable piece of memorabilia, you should check out some Air Jordan 6 sneakers.

Back in 2006, Nike released something called the Defining Moments Package, or “DMP.” This was a special release of Air Jordans, which included two pairs of sneakers.

Each sneaker set was meant to represent one of Michael Jordan’s greatest moments.

In 2020, Nike did a re-release of the same pack. These shoes are an homage to Michael Jordan’s first title in 1991. During the winning game, the basketball legend nailed his signature switch-handed layup.

The move caught the Los Angeles Lakers by surprise, securing the championship for the Chicago Bulls.

The original pair of sneakers that Jordan wore that night is on auction for upwards of $500,000. These historic sneakers were twice-signed. MJ gifted them to Sony executive Sonny Vaccaro after winning the game. 

Luckily, the new releases are much less expensive than that. The gorgeous black and gold DMP Air Jordans sell for $367.

Non-DMP Jordan 6 sneakers sell for even less. These days, a new pair of these cool retro shoes costs between $150 and $250.

Newer Pieces of Basketball Memorabilia

Twenty-year-old sneakers may be a dream. But, everyone loves an original. And, the originals of today will be the classics of the future. As a result, it’s not a bad idea to invest in new releases.

The Air Jordan Retro 1 OG Pine Green sneaker is a great example of that. The shoe was first released in 2018. It was released again in 2020. 

Since these dates are relatively recent, you should still be able to get a pair of these shoes for a decent price. However, you can expect them to increase in value over time because they are originals.

Just in the last few years, these shoes have already increased in value. In 2020, when the second edition dropped, you could get a pair for $170. These days, you can find the Pine Green sneakers for up to $5,000.

Part of what makes this shoe so valuable is its uniqueness. There aren’t a lot of green basketball shoes on the high-end market. The Pine Green sneakers are the only Air Jordans of their color.

Consequently, buyers are drawn to their historic design. In effect, these sneakers represent something that nobody has ever done before.

If you are looking to invest in a new pair of Jordans, don’t be afraid to study the new release information.

Do you see a pair of shoes that’s completely different from anything that’s been done before? Do you notice a first edition new-release?

If so, you should definitely consider making an investment. The Air Jordan 1 Pine Green sneakers increased in value because they are originals. There’s a good shot that the next new thing will too.

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