It’s everyone’s wish to add a blog post from a certain social media platform to another with just a single click. With fortune, IFTTT has a solution for you. It is an amazing and simple tool that you can use to automate social media. From saving all your tweets in a spreadsheet as well as adding Instagram photos on your Facebook page, IFTTT can achieve all these, and much more. If you’re a solo entrepreneur you should take an opportunity to use this tool to streamline your work without any struggle.

And IFTTT isn’t as complicated as most people think. It’s super easy as there’s no need for any plugin installation. What this software only does is just to connect your different accounts and automatically interact with them. And you can connect as many accounts as you want.

Before we go any further, IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. For example, “(If) someone likes to fight (This), (Then) they’re not a good person (That).” So in this post, I’m going to show you the way you can automate social media marketing with IFTTT.

Getting started

What you need to do here is to set up a new account. The setting account is simple and pretty easy to do. There is no need for entering credit cards and so forth as IFTTT is free of cost. You just enter your email address along with the password, then you’re done. By this time you’ll be having access to all features. Afterwards, you have to connect your social networks. When you’ve selected the platforms you want to connect to your account, click “activate” feature. It will take you through the authorization process.

Finding Your Applet

The search field of IFTTT’s website is on the top. So you just click into that search option for suitable applets. You can also change it as you desire. That’s the positive aspect of IFTTT as it has readily made applets that are available free of charge. You can use those existing applets, but if they do not meet your requirements, you can create your own. When creating your applets for posting automatically, go to applets and click on “new applet”. From there you must follow the steps and select the platform you want to automate.

Turning on Your Applet

After you’ve chosen your applet and being assured that you selected the right one, click or tap the “turn on” feature. Then if you want to customize, you can edit the applet. In addition, IFTTT has an awesome strategy that detects the kind of device you’re on and modifies the interface for you.

Share One Post to Several Social Media Platforms

When you’ve completed the process of applets creation, you’ll be able to trigger one post from your profile to several platforms. There’s no longer manual posting as IFTTT automates the process. For instance, “if I share a post on my Facebook page, then I can also share the same content with my Twitter followers”. And this could save a lot of time.

Receive Notifications When Your Competitors Post

When using IFTTT, there’s no need for talking to your competitor’s profile. You can use IFTTT to get notified about your competitor’s posts whenever they post something new.  In fact, I’m not encouraging you to copy what your competitors do but to get more ideas since you’re in the same industry. You can set to get those notifications through email address, SMS, or any other method you are comfortable with.

Follow Specific Tweets

Social media engagement is very important for every business. You can interact with your audience by commenting on their posts or tweets. To be always on track, you have to follow specific hashtags that are on the same line with your business. IFTTT can help in this process. It could be your local business. You can use IFTTT to alert you about people tweeting in your location. In this way, you can easily direct people to your business and grow your audience. Also, you can set applet that will give you a quick way to respond to your customers.

Important Things to Know About IFTTT

  1. Applets only work if there is a new post on your blog. It doesn’t work with the old ones.
  2. It takes about 30 minutes to publish your new post. So you mustn’t check immediately after publishing because you won’t find anything.
  3. Make sure to activate the created applets so that your posts will be automated. (active instead of saving)


After going through this post, I’m sure you’ve realized the importance of applets together with features of IFTTT. Plus it will help you to expand your marketing automation, either you’re a customer, manager, or social media marketer. All you need to do now is to install IFTTT and set up applets to interact with your social audience.

You’ll be no longer tweeting an Instagram link again. Applets are here to help you to master your social media accounts (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and many more). Lastly, the more applets you set,  the more your social media accounts become more active.

By Kenneth

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