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An LOA is a legal document that gives another party the right to act on your behalf when dealing with vendors and service providers. It also names the person who will manage your loved one’s estate after death. If that’s the case, you and your family members will need to reach consensus on who will act as your legal representative and be given the necessary letter of authorization. If you or someone else you know and trust is qualified, you will all need to put their name forward.

It is common practice in many sectors of the UK’s economy for businesses to employ LOAs, which specify the kinds of work that can be outsourced and under what conditions.You may verify its authenticity by looking for the signature of the Register of the Probate Court in the county where your deceased loved one last lived. And it is only after they have recorded the death that you can acquire a letter of authorisation from the Master of the High Court.

letter of authority

What is the Role of the Personal Representative?

The deceased person’s possessions, including money, property, and assets, are under the Personal Representative’s management and control. In addition to requesting and negotiating prices with suppliers, the agent can also request and receive account information such as energy consumption data, supply numbers, pricing details, and contract end dates.

They are also responsible for switching energy suppliers, schedule appointments for energy-related maintenance or upgrades with your supplier, lodge complaints with your supplier and handle them on your behalf, and submit meter readings or collect energy cons on your behalf.

Furthermore, they can convert your business’s insurance policy, broadband/phone service, and checking bank account to a new financial institutions.

Role of the Personal Representative

What is the Importance of Letter of Authority?

You can document a formal agreement between many parties with a Letter of Authority (LOA). A broker’s authority to act on a client’s behalf with third parties is effectively delegated authority in the form of a specific permission slip. Some of the reasons why it’s so crucial are listed below:

There is No Ignorance of Minor Factors

Whenever you need to give someone permission to do work on your behalf, it’s best to put it all in writing with a formal authority letter.

In the event that they go above and beyond their scope of authority in the future, or if they fall short, you can use this paper as proof.

Verifies the Truthfulness of Your Statements

Having that authorization letter on hand to show off should settle any questions or concerns someone could have. These written legal documents validate your word and establish your credibility since it is a legally binding document that the court will honor.

Maintains a Record of Responsibility

If you delegate duties and the other party accepts it, you are granting authority to be responsible for the outcome of the assigned work. The authorized individual can be located and held liable in the event of an incident.

If they fail to carry out the responsibilities as out in the letter of authority, it can be used as evidence of that fact. If it will hold the representative responsible, he or she may have to cover the costs of the compensation out of pocket.

However, if you fail to provide the required letter of authorisation, you will be held liable for negligently performing your duty.

What are the Documents Required in Filing Letter of Authority?

You must submit the following records with your report:

  • If there is no valid will, an affidavit from the deceased’s next of kin is required (form J192)
  • Presentation of the original or a certified copy of the death certificate
  • Notice of Passing Form Completed (form J294)
  • commitment and submission to the Master’s will (form J155)
  • A list of the decedent’s debtors (if applicable)
  • All original wills and other testamentary papers (if any)
  • In the event of an intestate estate, or where no executor has been selected in the will, or when the appointed executor refuses the position, the heirs may designate someone to serve as the Master’s representative.
  • A statement that no other Master’s Office or Magistrates Court has been notified about the estate.
  • List of items completed (form J243)

Original or Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Filing Letter

Time Validity of Authority Letter

If you are given a LOA to sign, be sure you know how long it is good for. But generally speaking, the validity period for a Letter of Authority is 12 months. If your current LOA has expired and you still want your consultant to represent you, you will be asked to sign a new one

Scenarios Used in Authority Letter

A letter of authorization, often called a letter of authority or a letter of permission to act, is a formal document that gives authority to another person to act on your behalf in a legal capacity. Here are a few hypothetical situations:

  • You’re unwell and need someone to take care of business while you’re out.
  • You need someone else to run your company or other organization.
  • There is someone going to the place where you need to go in your stead.

How to Write Letter of Authority

Beginning any written work requires first formulating a plan. It’s also the most important, as your message might not be communicated effectively with the wrong framework. The following are the details you should include in your letter of authorization:

  • You and the third party’s full names, addresses, and phone numbers
  • Identify the organization or individual whose approval is being sought.
  • Information Regarding Permission
  • Indication of access
  • Length of time commitment


Official delegation of authority is a delicate procedure. However, if you are fully aware of the meaning of a letter of authority and all other relevant information, the procedure will be much simpler. Visit Utility Bidder to know more.

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