Every year we hear about some new discounts on different hotel bookings. Offers like book two rooms in the year and you will get a 30% discount on the booking of the third room. Or get a membership card and you will have a yearly 10% discount on every booking. Likewise the very famous hotel Mercure Bugis Singapore is offering some special offers including a 15% discount on ordering a meal from à la carte menu at Song Garden. Along with this, there are many other special offers. So if you are planning a trip to Bugis Mercure Bugis Singapore should be on your priority list.  Here’s a recommended article for tips and tricks for getting the best deals on hotels by Business Insider.

These offers seem very attractive to customers. But have you ever tried to know the truth behind these discounts? Are hotels offering these accounts worth the hype? How Beneficial it is for you to avail those accounts? 

All these questions and many more, I’m going to tell you some secrets behind these discounts. Let’s Have a look at them. 

Benefits of Hotel Discounts: 

  • Hotels offering discounts are not spammed all the time. But most of the time hotel discounts are useful and you can spend a lot of money out of these accounts. 
  • A discount enables you to use the saved money in some other extra activities. 
  • Some time using discount offers to increase the bonus or reward points. That will be useful in the future. 
  • Avail discount gives you peace of mind and more comfort. 

Secret Behind these Discount offers: 

There are few secrets behind these discount offers that no one will tell you. 

Discounts are offered to build the loyalty of Customers: 

Many hotel chains provide their loyal customers with lots of discounts and reward points. it is, of course, one of the marketing tactics. Offering discounts to loyal customers, attract other customers as well. Moreover, the trust factor of the customer over the hotel management also keeps on increasing. If you are loyal to someone, don’t you want to get something like a reward or a gift? 

Yes, you would definitely. Hotel management knows the need for its loyal clients and that’s why there are some good discount offers for special members. 

Discounts are to attract more audience: 

What will you do if you are an option to select between two things? 

  • The 5-star hotel is offering a 30% discount on continental breakfast? 
  • Or the 5-star hotel who is charging on everything, like even breathing is not free there. Lol 

I am sure you will get attracted to the one who is offering a discount. It is the human psyche that we automatically get attracted towards discounts and hotel marketing team knows that very well. Most hotels around the world offer those discounts to attract the maximum number of audience.

Discounts are profitable for Hotels As well: 

Back in the days, when I was only 12 years old, I used to think about why the hotel offers discounts? How will they earn if they are offering those special offers to all the clients, now I know that I was nothing but just a fool? Offering discounts is a successful technique that helps to attract an increased number of audience and as a result, the hotel management earns even more money than usual. The main purpose of every hotel offering discounts or reward points is nothing but just profit. 

In short, I can say that these discounts are useful in many ways of course, but at the same time discounts are part of successful marketing techniques. If you are planning to avail of any of these discounts, it is fine to pay less. 

By Kenneth

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