Alex Zedra Age, Net Worth, Family

Who is Alex Zedra?

With the evolution of social media, reaching out to the general public has become a lot easier. People take to various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and other such platforms to engage with their audience and to share their way and perspective of living life with others. Among millions of such users of these sites are the social media influencers who mark their credibility on a particular platform by sharing their expertise regarding a specific field. They normally have access to a large number of audiences who follow them, look forward to their new ventures, and most of all are inspired by them. These social media influencers possess the capabilities including resources to influence the hundreds and thousands of people following them. They guide their audience and can easily persuade their followers to act upon their suggestions and directions. Among these social media, celebrities are the young American national Alex Zedra, an Instagram influencer, who has documented her name in the entertainment industry and lifestyle department. She currently has more than 1.1 million followers on her official Instagram account which makes her one of the most-followed people on the social media site.


Alex Zedra whose real name is Alex Rogers was born on 3rd November 1991 in America and will soon reach 29 years of age ( in November 2020 ).  

Family and Background

Born in the American state of South Carolina, Alex Zedra comes from a loving, supportive, and closely knit family. Alex Zedra also has a younger brother with the name of Seth Rogers Although not much is known about her family, childhood, and education, her followers believe that she completed her basic education from a local school in America. The reason why the general public does not have much knowledge about her personal life is that she is a private person who uses her social media platform to share her professional skills and achievements. Through her Instagram, she has disclosed that her parents named her Alex Rogers but she decided to change her name to Alex Zedra after entering the world of gaming. She changed her name after being a fan of the famous game, World of Witchcraft. 

Social media Career

Alex began her social media career from twitch initially as a live gamer. She is an immensely talented person with a knack for being a chef, a model, a pro athlete, a star gamer, etc. She is also a combat trainer and is recognized as a star on Twitch ( which is known as the world’s leading platform for live streaming of games ). Alex has, at present, at least 1.1 million followers on her Instagram account who always look forward to learning more and more from Alex. 

She was first recognized widely by Instagram users in 2012 when she posted her pictures from a modeling shoot. She keeps melting the hearts of her followers by continually posting her pictures from her various modeling shoots. She is a gorgeous young girl with bucket loads of talent. Apart from being a professional gamer and a model, she is also an extremely talented pastry chef. She has proved her knack for baking by sharing her multiple baking recipes, techniques, and methods with her social media family. Not just that, she is also a pro athlete and one of the most talented sharpshooters in the United States of America. She aims to become one of the 1st pro athletes in the USA. The cherry on the cake is that she is also a trained and professional fitness coach. She posts her workout videos a lot and also helps other people with their fitness and workout issues.

Not just on Instagram, Alex is also highly popular on Twitter. She stays active on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, which represent her successful gaming and modeling career. She also interacts a lot with her fans and answers their questions regularly on both of her social media platforms. 

There is no denying that all the fame and love she has earned from social media is well deserved. Her charisma, beauty, and numerous talents and skills can make any person fall in love with her. Someone this much talented deserves a lot more appreciation, fame, and respect.

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Alex Zedra’s Net Worth

Alex Zedra or Alex Rogers earns a lot from her Instagram account through her posts and sponsors. She is also one of the highest-paid people in the gaming world. A lot of sources have determined that her net worth at present is more than 1 million dollars.

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