There are a number of halal foods to eat without worrying about gaining weight. It’s not that halal food will always help you with your weight, it’s just that all those items labelled “permissible” in Islam are healthy for the human body. But in order to lose weight, you are supposed to eat in moderation. No matter what it is in the world if you start consuming large portions of it, it’s obvious that you’ll gain weight. 

So before getting started with the list of the best meals, focus on the first lesson to lose weight and that is to opt for “moderation”. Or you can simply follow this quote below. 

“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper”. 

We hope that it’s pretty much clear to you about how you are supposed to eat your meals every day. Now, let’s talk about those halal food items that will help you shed some fat.

1-Stuffed Vegetables 

Stuffed vegetables can really be delicious if you cook them just right. The best part is that you can eat them as snacks and you can even make a dinner out of them. By stuffed vegetables, we are referring you to potatoes, tomatoes and zucchini etc that’s stuffed with halal meat and some spices to add the taste. Once you stuff these vegetables, you can steam them or roast them. In case you aren’t in the mood to cook, just opt for a  halal food delivery service as there are a lot of them out there. 

2-Whole Eggs 

Eggs are quite famous among those who are struggling with their weight. Whole eggs are healthy, they are high in nutrition and on top of everything, they are full of protein that your body needs. Just don’t consume eggs on a daily basis as they can disturb your digestion and make it hard for you to digest food easily. 

3-Nuts And Seeds 

Nuts and seeds won’t only help you with your weight, in fact, they come with several other benefits too. Nuts actually help prevent diseases like dementia, heart attacks and even diabetes. The best part is that nuts and seeds don’t even have high cholesterol in them so you can easily use them as snacks whenever you are hungry. 


Fish is halal but some kids aren’t so you have to be careful with that. At the same time, fish like salmon etc, offer a wide range of proteins and nutrients that you can’t find anyplace else in any other supplement or medicines. Fish are low in cholesterol, they have lesser fats and they even have omega 3 oils in them which is why they make a great meal. You can roast, fry and even grill fish for dinner.


There are a special set of rules to follow to cook halal meals and same goes for the chicken. You cannot use any wine or any pork etc in this meal and all you are supposed to do is to add herbs, spices and other items in the pan that are halal. You can make a variety of dishes with chicken alone and there are thousands of recipes available on the internet. You can easily take some time out of your routine and cook a halal chicken meal for lunch or dinner. 

These are some of the halal foods to eat if you want to lose some weight. Just remember that you have to eat your meals in small portions and add a little exercise to fasten up your weight loss process.

By Kenneth

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