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Many businesses only spend about 1-percent of their resources on marketing, so you want to spend money wisely and use the best resources. Marketing strategies influence consumer behavior to grow your business and increase business. It’s best to use different types of marketing to maximize your reach.

Types of marketing to consider should include pop-up displays and email and content marketing. Mastering these techniques can all bring you a significant return on your investment.

Check out these three types of marketing strategies and how they operate.

  1. Pop-Up Displays

Big displays anywhere draw attention. Bright colors, logos, and big letters immediately focus your eyes to ‘look here.’ 

Marketing strategies using pop-up displays allow people to see a product or service in a large area. They are perfect for open-air places like shopping malls or convention centers. Trade shows, corporate events, and even large celebrations also make great uses.

Pop-up displays give you a large area for your brand messaging, making these different types of marketing effective. 

A can assemble pop-up displays quickly and are portable and lightweight. Moreover, marketing agencies can help design the final product, or you can come up with your own ideas!

  1. Email Marketing

One of the main types of digital marketing is email marketing, which can reach thousands of potential customers. Developing a list is easy, and there’s plenty of room to inform an audience about a product.

Think of this different type of marketing as a digital newsletter. Developers can customize it with pictures, infographics, and testimonials.

Many business owners also repurpose content from other efforts to share with new and different efforts. 

Marketing companies and marketing agencies like email marketing because it’s free to send. Those receiving an email newsletter can forward the email to a new customer. 

  1. Content Marketing

Marketing companies are seizing this type of content marketing to improve internet search rankings. Every second, 67,000 users do a search using the most popular search engine. Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is a growing type of digital marketing that can be very effective.

This type of content marketing allows a business to learn what words people use for internet searches. You can then tailor custom blogs with popular words and phrases on your website. Those words then rank higher in those searches. 

Creating good content with highly-ranked keywords builds your brand. People will also come to your website for the latest news and information. Because the content is digital, you can update or adjust it as your marketing efforts change.

Three Types of Marketing

Pop-up displays, email, and content marketing are three ways to reach your potential customers. All three can fit nicely within a budget and make marketing efforts stand out.

Delaying marketing strategies allows the competition to get ahead. Don’t let that happen! 

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