State of the Blog: September 2013

Like Stany, we've been writing up a storm lately ...

Like Stany, we’ve been writing up a storm lately …

August was a great month of blogging, particularly due to the TCM SUTS blogathon hosted by our pals Jill and Michael. Between the four of us, the True Classics crew was able to contribute seven posts to the blogathon (plus two more from Brandie over at The Moviola). Kudos to Jill and Michael (can we Brangelina up this blogathon with a little portmanteau action? Jichael? Mill? Okay, maybe not) for hosting another fantastic event, and here’s looking forward to the third annual SUTS blogathon next summer!

September has several interesting things in store, including:

The Gish Sisters blogathon, hosted by Movies, Silently and The Motion Pictures. Brandie will be contributing a piece on Lillian’s 1926 film La Boheme, costarring John Gilbert.

The Journalism in Classic Film blogathon, hosted by Comet Over Hollywood and Lindsay’s Movie Musings. Brandie has signed up to write a long-gestating piece on one of the best screwball comedies around, His Girl Friday (1940).

The Westerns countdown at Wonders in the Dark. Brandie is signed up to contribute four pieces to this event, which will commence at the end of September and will proceed through December.

The Truly Classic Work of Tex Avery. Similar to our week-long event to celebrate Chuck Jones’ centennial last September, this year we’ve decided to give animation stalwart Tex Avery his own seven-day tribute. And just like last year, we’ll be hosting a giveaway–this time around, one of our lucky readers will win some great Tex Avery classics on DVD and Blu-ray! We’re kicking things off on September 22nd, so “stay tooned” for that (and please, please forgive our punny ways).

And now in the latest installment of “What Brandie Wrote At Other Sites Last Month (So That’s Where She’s Been)”:

The Story of Film: An Odyssey had its US television premiere last night at 10PM EST on TCM. Over at The Moviola, you’ll find my thoughts on the first installment, and a bonus post which takes a look at one of our favorite early film pioneers, Alice Guy-Blaché, whose work was among that featured on TCM yesterday evening.

Some more links from The Moviola: a review of Disney’s latest animated theatrical release Planes; a review of Warner Archive’s recent MOD DVD release of Anything Goes (1956); and SUTS blogathon pieces for William Holden and Rex Harrison’s tribute days.

And last but certainly not least, over at ClassicFlix, you’ll find an article about the Fleischer brothers’ immensely popular Popeye shorts from the 1930s.

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