Movie Memories: Hound Dogs and Lions and Space Clones, Oh, My!

the fox and the hound

This week, each of your True Classics crew members will be sharing her own “movie memories,” ranging from the classics to the not-so-much-but-still-wonderful films that we love. We’re kicking things off today with Nikki’s thoughts!

I don’t remember the first film I ever saw in theaters, but knowing my family, I can almost guarantee that it was a Disney movie.  I have vaguest recollection of seeing The Fox and the Hound on the big screen when I was very small, probably as part of a children’s matinee or a re-release, so that may very well be my first, but I can’t remember for sure.  I do know that when I saw Aladdin in theaters, it was not the first time I had been to the movies, but it may well have been my sister’s first trip.  Visiting my dad in the summers growing up, my sister and I knew there would at least two outings: the annual trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo (if you ever happen to be in Omaha, NE with a little time on your hands, you absolutely must go) and at least one trip to the movies usually to see the latest Disney film.  The most memorable of these trips would have to be going to see The Lion King about a month after my little brother was born, and him having to be taken out of the theater because it was too loud, but thankfully my sister and I got to stay to finish the movie.  Also during those summers sometimes we would go down to the local two-screen movie theater in the small town my dad lived in to see the last runs of that summer’s films or fun re-releases.

star wars attack of the clones

But above all the movie memories I have while growing up, my absolute favorite would have to be going to see Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.  Let me start by explaining that my mom is the reason why I love the sci-fi genre, in particular Star Wars (I honestly cannot remember a time when I had not seen the original Star Wars movie).  Anyway, Attack of the Clones came out at the very end of my junior year in high school, during the two weeks of AP exams. Several of my friends had gone to see it after finishing our AP US History exam the day the film came out, and others went to see it that weekend, but for whatever reason my family did not go that weekend.  Instead, the afternoon after my AP Chemistry exam the next week, I was informed that I was being checked out of school early under the guise of going to take my driving test (I was a late driver, suffice it to say).  Well, I met my mom in the office and we walked outside to find my mom’s Durango–not the car that I was learning to drive in–parked out front.  When I asked my mom what was up, she said to keep it quiet, but we were all going to see Star Wars instead.  That’s right.  My mom checked me (and my younger siblings) out of school to go see Star Wars!! Never mind that it was definitely not the best movie of the franchise (though I am still partial to Yoda kicking serious butt).  That is completely irrelevant. My mom, who very much believes that if the school doors are open and you do not have the plague you should therefore be at school, checked all three of her school-aged children out to go see Star Wars because it was that important.

That’s what makes family films (whether they are by Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, or whomever) and the summer blockbusters so important.  They have a way bringing multiple generations together to just enjoy the company and the magic of the movies.


nikki gNikki G. has been a member of the True Classics crew since 2010. A fourth-generation graduate of Mississippi University for Women, Nikki works as a systems analyst and lives in Alabama. You can learn more about Nikki by checking out her dedicated page on our site!

3 thoughts on “Movie Memories: Hound Dogs and Lions and Space Clones, Oh, My!

  1. Nikki, I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing your mom, but judging from your wonderful reminiscence, she absolutely rocks! I salute her for her excellent priorities and for raising a daughter with great taste in movies. Thanks for sharing your Movie Memory with us!

  2. Great post! It seems like you have many pleasant memories of growing up, including watching movies. Jill at told me about this site and mentioned that you and I live in the same city. I recently started a website,, It’s in the beginning stages. When you have time, check it out!

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