Movie Memories: Growing Up Scarlett

Today’s submission comes courtesy of the ever-lovely Carley, headmistress of the venerable Kitty Packard Pictorial! In her post, Carley has taken the concept of “movie memories” to new heights, painting a touching portrait of the ways in which she and her mother communicate through classic films–in particular the seminal classic Gone With the Wind. In the process, Carley brilliantly lays out a series of “life lessons” imparted to her through years of watching Scarlett O’Hara’s antics onscreen.

Head on over to the Pictorial to read Carley’s truly engaging essay!


carleyCarley is an editorial associate for a Los Angeles-based film magazine.  She has been running her classic movie blog, The Kitty Packard Pictorial, since 2008, and appeared on a Turner Classic Movies podcast in 2011 and a TCM Film Festival passholder segment in 2012. She also tweets about classic Hollywood and her abiding love for Daniel Day-Lewis at @MissCarley.

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