Movie Memories: Another Little Piece of Time

We’re kicking off a month of movie memories today with a post by our good friend Michael Nazarewycz, the scintillating scribe behind the appropriately-named ScribeHard on Film. With loving detail and a cheeky humor that is truly entertaining, Michael looks back at three thrilling “event movies” that defined certain points of time in his life, from childhood to now.

Head on over to the ScribeHard site to read Michael’s wonderfully thoughtful piece!


scribehardMichael Nazarewycz is a film buff and writer who spent his childhood watching old black-and-whites and cheesy horrors on UHF (look it up, kids).  He’s been hooked ever since, and readily admits that he’ll watch anything anyone would consider a motion picture, from a nickelodeon silent to a digital epic.  Michael has been a columnist for Man I Love Films and Filmoria, and presently is a Writer for Cinema Sentries and a Contributor to LikeTotally80s.  He also writes for his own blog, ScribeHard on Filmwhere he reviews Hollywood’s latest releases and offers in-depth analysis of the classics.  Michael invites you to follow him on Twitter @ScribeHard, where he Tweets mostly about … what else? … movies.

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