State of the Blog: February 2013

jean arthur

February in the world of classic movie blogging looks to be a jam-packed month, what with the heaping handful of blogathons being hosted by some of our favorite film writers on the web (you can find out more about those upcoming events here). Needless to say, there’s gonna be a whole lotta writin’ goin’ on–and if all goes as plan, you’ll find a good bit of it here in our neck of the woods! These days, we’re (still) trying to get back into our regular blogging schedule while also planning some interesting events of our own for later this year … which we’ll talk about more in-depth in future days (such teases, those TC gals). For now, though, here’s the monthly roundup of the doings and goings-on in these here parts.

  • I am very pleased to be joining the crew of the soon-to-be-revamped ClassicFlix website! For those of you not in the know, ClassicFlix is, for lack of a better description, a Netflix-ian kind of service solely dedicated to pre-1970s television and film. Our good buddy and ever-wise classic pop culture sensei Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. (also known as the head cowpoke of the venerable Rancho Yesteryear) graciously asked if I would be willing to contribute some regular pieces on classic animation, and I was all like, “Uh … uh … uh … I’m going to have to think about it for all of ten sec–HELL, YEAH!” So look for my barely-restrained, perhaps overly enthusiastic articles, DVD reviews, and general animated fan-girling over at ClassicFlix soon. And while you’re at it, make sure to sign up for their wonderful service ASAP and start getting the best of classic Hollywood delivered right to your door every month! (You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.)
  • Speaking of submissions to other awesome sites … I have thoroughly enjoyed contributing DVD reviews to Cinema Sentries over the past few months. Publisher Gordon S. Miller is utterly fantastic to work with, and I love reading the wide-ranging reviews on the site. I posted reviews of three very different DVD releases last month, so if you’d like to check those out, head on over to the Sentries and give them a look-see.
  • We are thrilled that Brandy of Pretty Clever Films named us her “Blog o’ the Day” yesterday! PCF is one of our very favorite film sites on the web, not only because of Brandy’s SUPER-AWESOME NAME, but also due to her enthusiasm and dedication to the classics. PCF is a truly lovely tribute to the films we all know and love, and if you’re not already reading it on a daily basis, you are seriously missing out. (So, you know, go fix that.)
  • Just a reminder: the window for membership in the Classic Movie Blog Association is still open, so if you are interested in becoming part of a great group that includes some of the best classic film bloggers on the web, contact CMBA now!

As the month goes on, look for a few new-to-us reviews as well as new posts in several of our recurring series, including the ongoing “Learning to Love Westerns” experiment and Pioneers of Animation, as well as a Maudlin Mondays treat from Sarah.

Happy blogging, folks!

12 thoughts on “State of the Blog: February 2013

  1. Brandie, you and the girls have a swell February lineup, with Ivan G. Shreve, Brandy’s Blog O’The Day, ClassicFlix, and so much more, including more CMBA members! And speaking of the CMBA, don’t forget we’re participating in its 1940s Blogathon later this month! (I’ll be blogging about ACROSS THE PACIFIC with Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, and Sydney Greenstreet!)!

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