New year, new beginnings.

After a sporadic couple of months, we here at True Classics are (finally) ready to usher in the new year!

2012 was True Classics’ best year ever: we added a new member to our crew (the lovely Sarah), introduced new features, hosted some great contests and giveaways, watched the classic film blogging community grow with talented new bloggers, and reached the mind-blowing milestone of half a million page hits. Here’s hoping that 2013 will be just as amazing here in our little slice of the blogosphere!

Here’s a little peek at what’s to come in the months ahead:

As we move back into regular postings, we’ll be revving up our Pioneers of Animation and Saturday Morning Cartoons series once again, focusing on some of the early creative geniuses whose work influenced and paved the way for some of our favorite classic cartoons. Some of the topics we’ll be tackling in the upcoming months include Paul Terry and his innovative “Terrytoons;” the kooky, inventive minds that shaped UPA’s colorful cartoon output; and the brilliant extended filmography of the Fleischer brothers (whose work with Paramount we’ve touched on previously).

But for us, this year is not just about continuing our favorite recurring features on the blog–it’s about new discoveries. And in that vein, this year we’re introducing a new feature: Learning to Love ____. The focus of this series is to educate and expose ourselves to genres, stars, and directors we either do not like or may have been avoiding (for various reasons) up until now. And the first entries in this series will deal with a topic that most of us (save Nikki) are pretty unfamiliar with: Westerns. For the next few months, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most notable entries in the Western genre, films with which we should, as good classic movie fans, be familiar. Learning to Love Westerns may not be easy after years of purposely avoiding those movies, but we’re determined to give it a shot! Look for the first entry in this series toward the end of January.

Last spring, we had a blast with our “Movie Memories in May” event, in which we published the early cinematic reminisces of bloggers, friends, family members, and other movie fans from around the world. So this year, we’re doing it again–May will be filled with remembrances of film-going experiences past, from friends old and new.

We’re bringing all of this plus other recurring features like Sarah’s Maudlin Mondays, Carrie’s Therapy Thursdays, random film reviews, blogathons, and who knows what else. We hope you’ll stick around for another year of classic movie indulgence, and as always, we thank you wholeheartedly for your readership and your kind comments, links, and compliments throughout the past three years!


And now, a final look back at 2012 here on True Classics, with some of our most popular posts from the past year:

1. Pioneers of Animation–Winsor McCay (thanks to last fall’s fantastic Google Doodle honoring the pioneering animator, this post received 35,000 hits in a single twenty-four hour period alone!)

2. Animated Naughty Bits, or: This Ain’t Your Kids’ Cartoon (lots of people looking for pornographic animation out there …)

3. Bobby Driscoll: The boy who never grew up (written for Comet Over Hollywood’s “Gone Too Soon” blogathon last spring)

4. Pioneers of Animation: Ub Iwerks (The Early Years)

5. “Queering” Disney (written for Garbo Laughs’ “Queer Blogathon” last June)

Also: even though the series ended in 2011, our Saturday Morning Cartoons posts on the classic Disney canon/Disney Renaissance continue to bring in insane amounts of traffic, particularly our posts on The Lion King, Snow White, and Fantasia.


Quick addendum: the Classic Movie Blog Association is now voting on new membership for 2013! If you are interested in joining the crew, check out the guidelines at the CMBA site.

7 thoughts on “New year, new beginnings.

  1. This all sounds like a lot of fun. I can relate to trying new things, I’ve challenged myself to dip into some silents and foreign films this year. Think it’s great you’re going to watch some Westerns (a genre I personally love) in 2013.

    If you’d like to know more about Westerns I recommend two great sites, 50 Westerns From the 50s and Riding the High Country. Lots of very knowledgeable reviews and conversations plus some great visuals.

    Happy New Year,

    • Thanks for the recommendations, Laura! And I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the silents on your list, particularly Safety Last! (one of my particular favorites). Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Sounds like you gals have lots of great posts in store this year – but don’t you always? 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your swell new posts for 2013!

  3. I love that you’re learning to love Westerns. They’ve never been a particular “go-to” of mine but I grew up watching a LOT of John Wayne. My dad loves him. North to Alaska was always one of my favorites.

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