We interrupt the tumbleweeds rolling across this blog for a brief update.

This is a busy time for all of the members of the True Classics crew … one of us has started a Ph.D program and thus will have no discernible life for the next five years or so; one of us is in the midst of an enormous work project that has completely taken over her world for the time being; one of us is dealing with sick humans, sick cats, and a general sense of overwhelmed-ness while attempting to complete a novel; and one of us is trying to juggle teaching with cooking a baby in her own personal oven. Yep. Life happens. But while all this life-happening has resulting in blogging pretty much trickling to an uneven flow at this point, we should be able to resume regular posting next week. That being said, there are a few exciting developments in the world of classic film (and classic film blogging) that we would like to share with y’all now!

Remember The Cinementals? This great site for classic film news and reviews got off to a roaring start this spring, but was sadly discontinued in June. But three of the brilliant minds behind that endeavor–Jill, Michael, and Carley–have combined forces to create a new site for classic film lovers: Classic Screenings! The purpose of this site is to maintain an exhaustively-updated list of classic film screenings at theaters all around the world, and to present special features like film clips, photo galleries, and festival coverage. As Jill explains:

“We started Classic Screenings to provide a comprehensive resource of classic film theatre screenings across the country and abroad. There are screenings every single day that aren’t in New York or Los Angeles. Our goal is to provide this information for classic film fans, in an effort to encourage them to attend the screenings. We also want to direct the spotlight on theatres bringing the classics to the big screen. Without their hard work and dedication, a beloved art form would be forever lost.”

If you would like to see your local classics-friendly theater featured, email the proprietors and tell them about it! There’s quite a bit of buzz surrounding Classic Screenings already, so make sure you check out the site today. You can also follow them on Twitter: @ClassicScreens.

What with the LAMB “Best Classic Film Blog LAMMY” debacle (also back in June–what the hell was wrong with that month?) demonstrating the general lack of respect toward classic film blogs in that organization (whether they want to acknowledge it or not–though to continue that discussion at this point in time would be little more than beating a dead, rotting sheep carcass), a few of us began talking on Twitter about starting a loose, open organization of classic movie blogs as a way to connect in a supportive online environment. A Shroud of Thoughts’  Terry Towles Canote ran with this idea, and thus VAMP–the Vintage Association of Motion Picture Blogs–was born! Any film blogger who writes primarily about classic movies can throw their hat in the ring and join the already-growing team. Just email the site or send a direct message to the @VAMPBlogs feed on Twitter.

The partnership between NCM Fathom and Turner Classic Movies has brought some great events to theaters this year, what with the success of nationwide showings of Casablanca and Singin’ in the Rain. And they aren’t done yet: they have lined up three other great screenings this fall, starting with Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds next Wednesday, September 19th! The event is being held in conjunction with Universal Studios’ 100th anniversary this year, and will be followed by two more Universal classics in October and November: a double feature of Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein (just in time for Halloween!), and the seminal Southern classic To Kill a Mockingbird. For more information about these films, or to find a participating theater near you, check out the Fathom TCM Event Series site.

3 thoughts on “We interrupt the tumbleweeds rolling across this blog for a brief update.

  1. Hi guys! I’ve had to be offline for a while, but I’m finally back on, and I’m tickled to be able to visit your great blog again. You sure are full up with life, aren’t you? Well, we will be looking for whatever you post, so your fans will be checking up on you!

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