There’s a lot to be said for making people laugh.


Today, it just feels appropriate to borrow a quote from one of the funniest screenwriters of all time, the great Preston Sturges. His 1941 opus Sullivan’s Travels, from which the title of this post derives, remains one of the best comedies of all time–incisive, witty, keenly observational, and filled with moments of rolling-on-the-floor hilarity. We film fans love to make lists of our favorite/the “greatest” films of all time, and it’s safe to say that any list of the most notable comedic films in the history of cinema would be incomplete without Sturges’ name cropping up multiple times.

All of this to say, such a list HAS been created by the good folks at Wonders in the Dark, and a countdown of those films commences today on their site!

With input from some of the most entertaining and talented film bloggers on the interwebs (and … erm … me), Wonders in the Dark has compiled a list of 100 “great” comedy films. For the next five months, five days a week (Monday-Friday), from number one hundred through number one, the contributors will give each film its due, examining what makes these movies the comedy gems they truly are. I am honored to be contributing five pieces about five of my personal favorites (my first post will go live in September), and I am very much looking forward to sharing my love for these films–and reading ALL of the entries throughout the upcoming weeks!

The countdown kicks off today with Tony d’Ambra taking a look at (fittingly enough!) a Sturges classic–the uproarious 1944 comedy The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek. Head on over to Wonders in the Dark to read his thoughts and add your own in the comments. And stay tuned through December to see if YOUR favorites have made the list!

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