Blogathons, baby, blogathons!

Blogathons, blogathons, blogathons! It seems like every classic movie blog on the web is hosting one in the next couple of months. And that is not a complaint–it’s fantastic to see the interest in classic films that such blogathons tend to generate and promote among movie fans. We told you about several upcoming events in our beginning-of-the-month announcements post, but two new blogathons have been added to the roster, and considering that one of them kicks off on August 1st, we want to help get the word out as soon as possible …

First up, two of our favorite bloggers (and prolific tweeters), “BiscuitKittenJill and “ScribeHardMichael, are co-hosting a month-long blogathon to coincide with TCM”s annual Summer Under the Stars celebration. I’ll allow them to explain the premise behind this event:

“[Check out the] TCM Summer Under the Stars schedule for its entire 2012 run. Pick a movie … pick a star … pick a whole day … pick five … ten … whatever! This is a month-long blogathon and we want to showcase as many bloggers as many times as we can. And because your picks will coincide with their respective SUTS days, you can plan as far in advance as you need to.

Whether your medium is the written word, stories in pictures, video tributes, or even a simple haiku (see what Michael did there?), we want you to make the great Summer Under the Stars event even greater.”

As SUTS is one of our favorite times of the year here at True Classics, you know we are all over this one. All four of us will be posting something for this event (and some of us *coughBrandiecough* will be posting multiple somethings throughout the month).

There are a number of banners to choose from so you can publicize this event on your own site (including the one posted above with the front-and-center shot of Gene Kelly’s delectable ass–thanks, Jill and Michael!). You can find out more information on the blogathon’s Facebook page, and you can also follow the tcmSUTSblogathon feed on Twitter.


In September, three great bloggers/Twitter pals, Kellee (@IrishJayhawk66), Aurora (@CitizenScreen), and Paula (@Paula_Guthat), are co-hosting a celebration of character actors–those indelible supporting players who populate some of our favorite films. As they explain:

“[We] are dedicating an event to the great character actors that so enhanced our classic movies. To the faces, the laughs, the drama presented by these wonderful actors whose names all too often go unrecognized we dedicate WHAT A CHARACTER!

  • Would Casablanca be as great without the laughs provided by S. K. Sakall?
  • Would we want to look out Rear Window if not for the warnings of Thelma Ritter?
  • Can you measure how much Edward Everett Horton added to the fabulous Astaire/Rogers pictures?

We think these and so many others deserve their due. So, here we are with a blogathon in their honor.”

You can sign up any time between now and the time of the blogathon–just contact Kellee, Aurora, and/or Paula and let them know which character actor you would like to focus on! (But you can’t have Mary Wickes–she’s ours!)

These blogathons promise to present some great reading–are you signed up to participate in either one yet?

5 thoughts on “Blogathons, baby, blogathons!

  1. I love Mary Wickes, glad you picked her. I was just telling someone about her role in The Man Who Came to Dinner, one of my faves. It’s a small one, but isn’t she funny in it. She had a really long career too. Thanks for the promo!

  2. Is there no end to the Blogathoning madness? 🙂 These all sound great; the one about character actors especially intrigues me! I’d blog about my fave Laird Cregar, but perhaps I’ve already said enough about him? Hmm, I got it: Frank McHugh, best known here at Team Bartilucci HQ as “Annabelle’s Husband” in ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT with Humphrey Bogart, among others! Great post, gals!

  3. Thanks for this and I cannot wait to read everyone’s post. I already chose my topic for the SUTS event and may choose another. That’s a marathon blogathon that’s sure to be a blast! Then there’s the character actors, so many film fan’s sentimental favorites. I’m excited as it’s my first time co-hosting a blogathon but I have two great film fans to share nerves with.


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