I’m “cinemental” (or maybe just “mental”).

Have you checked out The Cinementals yet? Founded earlier this year by three of our favorite classic film bloggers/prolific Tweeters–Will McKinley, Carley Johnson, and Jill Blake–The Cinementals has quickly become a must-read site for classic movie fanatics. From their insanely in-depth, on-the-ground coverage of April’s TCM Classic Film Festival, to their numerous daily posts featuring news, reviews, and personal movie reflections from a growing number of talented and intelligent contributors (some of whom are longtime favorites of the True Classics crew), there’s something here for every classic movie fan.

In addition to their frequently updated blog posts, the site also produces a wonderful podcast every week. Hosted with great zest by the dynamic duo of Will and Jill, it is well worth a listen. And I’m not saying that just because I was a guest on the most recent installment. But while we’re on the subject … hey, y’all, I was a guest on the most recent edition of The Cinementals podcast! How frakking cool is that? (Very. The answer is “very.”)

Head on over to The Cinementals and give it a listen! Or do like me and head on over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast so you can download each episode onto your iPod (or similar device) and listen on the go. After all, there’s no better accompaniment to rush-hour traffic than the dulcet sounds of classic movie fans indulging their mutual obsession, right?

Thanks again to Will and Jill for inviting me to the party–I am honored to have been asked, and I had the best time talking to y’all!

6 thoughts on “I’m “cinemental” (or maybe just “mental”).

  1. Having noticed the Cinementals on Twitter, I’ve been meaning to delve into it deeper; I’ve just been crazy-busy, but I’m very much looking forward to head over to the Cinementals and explore them myself! Great idea, you guys!

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