Robert Osborne “Playing Favorites”

What’s the next best thing to watching Robert Osborne on TCM?

Listening to him on Siriusly Sinatra on my hour drive home from work!

Robert Osborne has style … tell us something we don’t know, Sirius!

I’m not surprised to learn that Mr. Osborne has such good taste in music, considering he’s a demigod.

Some of his favorites include:

Jack Jones – “She Loves Me”

Frank Sinatra – “Here’s to the Band”; “Brooklyn Bridge”; “Style”

Fred Astaire – “Change Partners”

Aside from commenting on these artists and works, he also spoke of his brief stint as an actor, working with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz!

3 thoughts on “Robert Osborne “Playing Favorites”

  1. You’re right, Not surprising Robert O. Has such great taste in standards. He’s a standard himself. Wish I’d heard that. thanks for sharing.


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