Dear Mr. Osborne.

(with apologies to Judy Garland and co.)

♫♫ Dear Mr. Osborne, ♫♫
I am writing this to you
and I hope that you will read it so you know
My heart beats like a hammer
and I stutter and I stammer
whenever you’re on TCM to introduce another show-ing …
I guess I’m just another fan of yours
and I thought I’d write and tell you so–

You made me love you–
and it wasn’t hard to do it, it wasn’t hard to do it.
You made me love you–
and all the time you knew it, I guess you always knew it.
You made me happy, sometimes you made me glad.
But there were times, sir, you made me feel so sad.
You made me sigh, ’cause
I didn’t want to tell you, I didn’t want to tell you
I think you’re grand, that’s true!
Yes, I do–‘deed I do–you know I do.
I must tell you what I’m feeling.
The very mention of your name
sends my heart reeling.
You know you made me love you!

Aw, gee, Mr. Osborne, I don’t want to bother you! Guess you got a lotta girls that tell you the same thing. And if you don’t want to read this, well, you don’t have to. But I just had to tell you about the first time I saw you on TCM, introducing Bachelor Mother in that smooth voice of yours! That was the first time I ever saw you, and I knew right then you were the nicest fella on television! I guess it was ’cause you acted so–well, so natural-like, like you were just inviting everyone into your living room to talk about the movies! Then last year you took some time off and I had to cry a little ’cause we all love you so much and we couldn’t have you for a while, not until November! And then one time I saw you in person. You were introducing Goldfinger at your Athens film festival, and you stood on that stage and smiled and waved–yeah! You smiled right at me as if you meant it, and I grinned all the way home just ’cause you smiled at me for sitting in that audience! Aw, I’ll never forget it, Mr. Osborne, honest. You’re my favorite television host by far!

I don’t care what happens, let the whole world stop.
As far as I’m concerned, you’ll always be the top!
♫♫ ‘Cause you know you made me love you! ♫♫

Happy eightieth birthday, Bob!
Thank you for all that do! 

10 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Osborne.

  1. Brandie, there’s only one way to respond to your ode to Robert Osborne: Amen to that, and Happy Birthday, Bob! 🙂 Well-done, my friend!

  2. Brandie, a lovely ode to a lovely man. His commentary as he introduces those great movies on TCM is priceless. He’s a superb interviewer in his Conversations series with actors and directors, always bringing out the best in his guests and never trying to dominate them. One thing he never talks about is that in the early 60s he was one of a group of young film enthusiasts chosen to intern with Lucille Ball at Desilu. (I learned this a few years back in a documentary about Lucy.) Don’t know why he doesn’t talk about Lucy, but she was notoriously prickly and maybe there was friction of some kind. I have heard him speak fondly of living with Jane Darwell’s family during this period, though. I’m amazed to read that he is 80. He’s aged as gracefully as the best movies he shows on TCM!

    • Thanks, RD! I’ve seen a couple of documentaries in which Osborne talks about Lucy. I don’t think there was any friction between them; he actually credits her with steering him toward journalism and film history (because he wasn’t that great of an actor!). And bless Lucy for doing that, because we get to enjoy him every night on TCM!

      Check out the American Masters edition called “Finding Lucy.” Robert pops up a couple of times in that one! I think you can find it on YouTube.

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