We feel pretty! (And witty!) (And gay!)

We just found out that we won two CiMBA awards from the Classic Movie Blog Association! This calls for a tiny Kermit dance.


We were awarded the prizes for Best Classic Movie Event (for the Loving Lucy Blogathon) and for Best Profile of a Classic Movie Performer or Filmmaker (for Celebrating Women in Classic Film: The Silent Directors)!

Congratulations to ALL of the deserving winners and the fabulous array of nominees! And thanks to every single one of our readers,  because y’all make this whole blogging thing way too much fun.

We also want to give a sincere “thanks a bajillion!” to everyone who voted for us. I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating–CMBA is home to some of the best film bloggers on the web, and we’re so glad to be a part of the crew.

11 thoughts on “We feel pretty! (And witty!) (And gay!)

  1. Brandie and crew,
    Oh my gosh! That Kermit clip is hilarious! I can’t stop laughing. You all deserve the awards and many more. It was such a great year for the CMBA with very tough competition, showcasing such talented writers. Sometimes I ask myself how I managed to be in such company.
    Give yourselves a standing ovation.

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