That means “thank you” in lamb-speak.

Carrie, Nikki, and I were absolutely thrilled to learn today that True Classics has received a LAMMY nomination in the category of “Best Classic Movie Blog!” And we are doubly thrilled to be in the quite excellent company of such bloggers as the ever-captivating Ivan from Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, the enjoyably snarky Anna of Defiant Success, the lovely and talented Angela of The Hollywood Revue, and the professor himself, Mark of Where Danger Lives. Congratulations to our fellow nominees! And if you took the time to vote for us, we wholeheartedly thank you very much for your consideration of our efforts. We remain proud as ever to be a small part of the consistently brilliant community of classic film bloggers.

The official list goes up at the LAMB on Monday, but in the meantime, if you would like to hear a list of nominees in all categories, they were announced on this morning’s LAMBcast.

Congratulations once again to ALL of this year’s LAMMY nominees!

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