They call him MR. Mouse.

For Christmas, a friend of mine scored a copy of the new Wii game Epic Mickey. If you haven’t heard of this game, it’s an attempt to turn Disney’s signature character into a bad-ass of the umpteenth degree while reacquainting folks with some former Disney animation stars like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. And though it has its issue as a game (damn wonky camera angles), from what I’ve played of it, it’s an interesting ride.

The world of Epic Mickey recasts some of the classic Mr. Mouse shorts as playable, side-scrolling levels that function as portals into the various worlds of the game. And of course, the game could not be complete if it did not include Mickey’s 1928 sound debut in the classic “Steamboat Willie.”

I remember the first time I saw this cartoon–my parents bought us a videotape that had several classic Disney shorts on it, including this one, “The Barn Dance,” and several others I cannot remember at the moment. It quickly became one of my favorite tapes to watch during the interminable summers (when we were stuck indoors because both parents were at work). It certainly wasn’t the first Mickey cartoon I had ever seen (we were devoted followers of the Disney channel in my house, and Good Morning, Mickey! and Donald Duck Presents were required viewing for us), but it was–and still is–one of my favorites.

And now that you’ve watched it, you’re going to have “Turkey in the Straw” in your head all day, and for that, I apologize … and suffer along with you.

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