Ghoulies and ghosties and wee beasts in the night.

Those of you who catch up with our humble blog through Google Reader or similar RSS viewers may not visit our actual site often enough to notice changes, so I wanted to give all of you a brief heads-up to come check out our new banner, which we’ve updated in time for Halloween with some classic horror monsters–the creepies, the crawlies, and the just plain nuts (I’m looking at you, Norman).

We’ve also added a tab to archive our various and sundry banners, which you can access above, as they will change periodically according to time and whim.

Later this week, I’ll be posting an entry about my favorite horror film of all time (and really, one of the few I can watch without getting scared out of my friggin’ mind … I put the “fraidy” in “fraidy cat”), Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece Psycho. In fact, you’ll see a couple of entries about the erstwhile Master of Suspense this week–only natural, considering the upcoming holiday.

Fox Movie Channel will be running a 24-hour marathon of The Rocky Horror Picture Show this weekend, which means between that and this week’s Glee homage, I’ll have “Hot Patootie” stuck in my head for a solid week. What movies will you be watching this week to celebrate Halloween?

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