For shame!

One of my guilty-pleasure shows is Glee. It’s not the best show on television (not by a long shot), but it’s an enjoyable distraction nonetheless. I like the musical numbers and the interaction between the too-adorable-for-reality cast members, particularly Chris Colfer’s deliciously snarky Kurt Hummel.

But after watching last night’s episode, I’m a little ashamed of Kurt, sad to say.

In an exchange with new Glee Club member Sam (Chord Overstreet), Kurt tries to convince a hesitant Sam to partner with him for the glee club’s upcoming duet contest, the prize for which is a dinner for two at the club’s favorite restaurant:

Kurt: Team up with me for the duet competition. Listen, unless you team up with Rachel, I am your best bet at winning.
Sam: Aren’t duets supposed to be between, like, a girl and a guy?
Kurt: Well, Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor would protest.
[Confused look from Sam]
Kurt: “Make ‘Em Laugh?”
Sam: Sorry.
Kurt: Singin’ in the Rain. 1952. [pause] Nothing. Okay, maybe you are straight.
Sam: What?
Kurt: Nothing. Listen, rent it, and then look up the menu for Breadstix online, and call me, because we are gonna win this.

Now, as delighted as I am to see Singin’ in the Rain mentioned in a show that appeals to a younger audience (all of whom should take Kurt’s advice and rent it!), any Rain fan worth his salt knows that “Make ‘Em Laugh” was not a duet between the two stars–that song was all Donald O’Connor, all the time!

And if you don’t believe me, just see for yourself.

Shame, Glee. Y’all should know better!

(Other than that, good episode, though!)

3 thoughts on “For shame!

  1. That was the first episode of Glee for me. I am curious to see how they handle The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a couple of weeks. If they don’t do the song Sweet Transvestite then I probably won’t watch any more. It seemed like you could just fast forward to the musical numbers and skip everything else.

    • I heard a preview of the numbers the cast is performing for Rocky Horror, and I think “Sweet Transvestite” has been left out. And they’ve changed the lyrics to “Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me,” I guess to make them more viewer-friendly? Which doesn’t really make sense, considering Santana and Brittany mentioned scissoring on the show this week. They can talk about that, but they can’t sing about “seat wetting?” Jesus.

      That being said, I enjoy the show most weeks, but the first season was infinitely better than the episodes they are producing now–typical for a Ryan Murphy series, sadly.

      • I will probably watch anyways even if they turn Tim Curry’s character into a fashionable female in feminized men’s clothing to avoid the male crossdressing stigma. The only thing that really bothered me was the girl who butchered Don’t Go Breaking My Heart this week.

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