*Face palm.*

You may notice that we updated our blog banner this week in a slight fit of housekeeping.

Yeah, I like to fuss.

When I was done uploading the new banner, I asked my friend Michelle to come look at it and tell me what she thought. This gave rise to my best Alex Trebek impression (which on a good day is still pretty bad) as I tested her classic movie knowledge …

Michelle [staring at computer monitor]: “Oh, it’s cute!”
Brandie: “Yay! I’m glad you like it.”
Michelle [pointing at screen]: “I like that one–that’s from Gone With the Wind, right?”
Brandie: “Yep. You know what this one’s from, right?” [pointing at screen]
Michelle: “Casablanca.”
Brandie: “And this one?”
Michelle: “Singin’ in the Rain.”
Brandie: “That one?”
Michelle: “Vertigo!”
Brandie: “Um, no. North by Northwest.”
Michelle: “Ohh … okay.”
Brandie: “And that one?”
Michelle: “Wizard of Oz.”
Brandie: “And that one.”
Michelle: ” … ”
Brandie: “Just say ‘Fred and Ginger.'”
Michelle: “Well, I knew that. I just didn’t know which movie.”
Brandie: “It’s The Gay Divorcee. But we would have accepted just ‘Fred and Ginger,’ because who can keep all their damn movies straight?”

[Michelle walks away, then comes back a minute later.]

Michelle: “You know, I could have sworn that picture was from Vertigo.”
Brandie: “Vertigo was Jimmy Stewart. This is Cary Grant.”
Michelle: “No, it’s not.”
Brandie [staring at picture just to make sure]: “Yeah … that’s Cary Grant.”
Michelle: “No, it’s not.”
Brandie [disbelieving]: “I promise you, it’s Cary Grant!”
[Michelle takes off her glasses, puts her nose an inch from the computer monitor, and studies the picture. She stands and places her glasses back on her nose.]
Michelle: “Still looks like Jimmy Stewart to me.”
Brandie: *face palm*

Even after reading this entry and seeing pictures of older Cary and older Jimmy side-by-side, Michelle still insisted that Jimmy Stewart is the one running from that plane in the picture in our banner (though at this point, she’s really just saying it to be contrary).

And while she is good-natured enough to allow me a little bit of ribbing at her expense, in her own defense, Michelle would like me to add–

“Tell them that I knew it was Hitchcock, at least!”

My friends are awesomely entertaining.  🙂

2 thoughts on “*Face palm.*

  1. Fred and Ginger will do. Oh. Thanks for the out. It probably wasn’t Flying Down to Rio, they were not the leads and were presented with less, how should I put it, glam. I had concluded it wasn’t the one about Vernon and Irene Castle, that was a period piece. I knew it wasn’t The Barkleys of Broadway, because that one was in color. That still leaves a number of films. Anyway lovely banner.

    (Found you c/o the bit at the Movies Unlimited site, look forward to checking in again. Also thanks for the link to Abandoned Baton Rouge link, I like such almost as much as I like old movies.)

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