News you can (kinda) use.

Just a couple of announcements/items of interest:

  • Our post about our friend Leigh’s discovery of a signed photo of Dear Mr. Gable has been reprinted on the Movies Unlimited blog, MovieFanFare. Yay! Go check it out!  🙂
  • What movies make you weep beyond all measure? We’re looking for guest bloggers for our new “Maudlin Mondays” series, and we’d love to post your sobbing celebrations of the best tearjerkers of them all. Email us at trueclassicsblog (at) gmail dot com and let us know if you’d be interested in having your weepy rants and raves posted for all to see!
  • This week’s edition of Saturday Morning Cartoons will cover the 1940 classic Fantasia. But wait!–you may ask. Didn’t Brandie just post some long-ass, overly adoring celebration of that movie last month? Well, yes, I did. But this week, I’m going to post an even more in-depth, long-ass, overly adoring celebration of that movie, so prepare yourself for the luuuuuuuuuuve, because I could talk about this movie

And just because we can (and because it is pure awesomeness incarnate), here’s a little dance break, courtesy of Gene and Donald, to brighten your day:

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

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