SUtS: Peter O’Toole

Carrie’s choice: My Favorite Year (1982)

Airing at 10:00AM EST

Let’s lighten things up a little, shall we? In My Favorite Year (or My Favourite Year, as it was also billed), Peter O’Toole plays Alan Swann, a contemporary idol. A drunk. A womanizer. A guest on an upcoming variety show for TV. Oh dear. Benjy Stone is charged with keeping Alan Swann in line, and especially on time. Poor Benjy.

So, we’re getting back to the lighter side of life after a few darker posts over the past few days.  Alan and Benjy have a lot of adventures for our amusement, although it’s been said they learn a few things from each other, too. Isn’t that nice.

It’s also versatile: It’s a movie! It’s a musical! It’s been redone on stage (although I doubt with this exact horse scene, shown below):

This just speaks volumes.

A little later than many TCM pieces, this film from 1982 is pretty notable, nominated for a number of awards and several wins. And why not? After all, Peter O’Toole is in it. I probably don’t have to say too much more about it.

Brandie’s choice: Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Airing at 8:00PM EST

I’m copping out again with today’s recommendation. I know, I know. I suck. But I have two (hopefully valid) excuses: first, things have been freaking busy as all get out this week; and second, I wanted to recommend this film more than any other on today’s schedule even though I’ve written a recommendation previously.

So check out this entry from earlier this year to see just why Lawrence of Arabia is a must-see-immediately movie, and make sure you catch it or set those DVRs.

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