SUtS: Robert Stack

Our choice: Airplane! (1980)

Airing at 1:15AM EST

Note: Brandie defers to Carrie’s expertise on all things Airplane! today, particularly since (gasp!) she’s never seen it.

And yes, Carrie, I’m going to fix that immediately.

Shifting out of some of the usual vein for TCM, we move into the 1980s. More specifically, we’re looking at 1980’s absurd spoof on airplane crisis movies. Simply put: Leslie Nielsen. Now, truth be told, I know a lot more about Leslie Nielsen than Robert Stack, so this will be an adventure.

Basic plot: All of the crew on a particular flight become very ill, and a retired pilot must save the day. Problem: He’s afraid to fly and is coming out of a break-up–and the ex is on the plane. The ex is why he’s on the plane in the first place. Not exactly the heart of a lion, here, but that’s who holds the fate of all the passengers.

In proper 80s spoof form, nothing in this movie makes sense. Well, the plot follows a vague line, but don’t look for seriousness in this film. This particular movie, however, has become rather iconic in the parody genre, and you will often find it quoted in comedy films and television. It’s a good one to watch, just to appreciate all of the future inside jokes.

And it’s really pretty funny. Admittedly, you have to like supremely silly comedy, but good ridiculous is its own art. Put this one on the DVR or set some time aside to watch it. Enjoy the stress relief.

One thought on “SUtS: Robert Stack

  1. That’s probably the best one of the films they are going to show, but I am looking forward to Big Trouble. It’s John Cassavettes’ last film and from what I have read he was assigned the job after the other director got into some big trouble of his own.

    The Tarnished Angels is great too, but that’s really Rock Hudson’s show.

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