Happy birthday, Hitch.

I have yet to complete my in-depth listing/analysis of my top twenty favorite Hitchcock films of all time. Yes, I suck. But it takes a while to compile all of the random, somewhat useless trivial knowledge in my head into something palatable enough to be read without causing glazed eyes and/or excessive boredom.

But it’s the anniversary of Sir Alfred’s natal day, and it’s about damn time I at least posted the titles of the movies in his repertoire that make me happy every time I see them. So here they are, leading up to my two absolute favorites:

20. The Trouble with Harry
19. Rope
18. The Birds
17. Foreign Correspondent
16. The Wrong Man
15. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956 version)
14. The Lady Vanishes
13. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
12. To Catch a Thief
11. Spellbound
10. Dial M for Murder
09. Suspicion
08. Rebecca
07. Vertigo
06. Strangers on a Train
05. Psycho
04. North by Northwest
03. Notorious
(tie) Rear Window and Shadow of a Doubt

Yes, I have two ultimate favorite-beyond-all-others Hitch films. You can’t ask me to choose between them. It would be like asking me to choose between Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin in a “Who’s the Hottest Alum from the Kick-Ass, Too-Soon-Canceled Firefly” contest (and now my geekdom is complete).

I’ll be sitting down later to watch Shadow of a Doubt in celebration, and I know that, as always, I’ll be marveling at the absolute perfection of Hitchcock’s craft and enjoying every dearly familiar minute of it.

Happy birthday, Hitch. Somewhere, you’re smiling down on the world, knowing that there’s never been and never will be another like you.

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