SUtS: Julie Christie

Today, we present you not with a recommendation, but with our personal challenge (and a scandalous secret–shh!).

You see, in the past, Carrie and I vowed (several times) to–finally–sit through the three-plus-hour David Lean-directed epic Dr. Zhivago, from 1965. Sad to say, neither one of us ever actually did it. Shame face.

So when this classic–which comes so highly recommended, from a director whose other three-plus-hour epic, Lawrence of Arabia (1962), remains one of my favorite films ever–appeared on TCM’s Summer Under the Stars schedule today in honor of the lovely Julie Christie, we took it as a sign. Therefore, we will each be recording and watching this film in the near future, and we will be posting our impressions–finally–once we have done so.

And if I feel really ambitious, I’ll actually watch it tonight and get my impressions posted within a few hours.

(But don’t hold your breath. I’m pretty awful at meeting deadlines. Even self-imposed ones. Another shameful not-so secret.)

One thought on “SUtS: Julie Christie

  1. ‘Doctor Zhivago’ is a true epic classic movie. Contrary to today’s “epics”, where it is all action and no story, Dr Zhivago has genuine human drama, but is also full of actions with breathtaking photography and also has an outstanding music score. This top movie makes a case that every city should have a Classic Cinema which shows great, but older movies on a big screen that are now shown only on TV – in various butchered forms , or interrupted with endless adverts.

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