All about us: The ABCs of classic film.

Hello, reader! We are Brandie and Carrie, classic movie buffs and bloggers extraordinaire (if we say so ourselves … and we kinda have to, since we’re both still relatively untested at this). We are also both huge fans of Turner Classic Movies, which is hands down the best cable channel ever crafted by the television Powers That Be. Recognize, and bow down. On a side note, Brandie also has a rather unhealthy crush on TCM’s erstwhile host, Robert Osbourne (Brandie: “He. Is. A. GOD.”), so things might get a little uncomfortable on occasion.

This blog is a place for us to delve into all facets of classic movie culture … our opinions, our raves, and our complaints. Want to know some random, obscure trivia about some of the greatest movies of all time? Need a recommendation for a great movie? Have you ever pondered why you should (or should not) watch the most over-hyped movies on the planet? Ever noticed the freaky sexual subtext in some Hays Code-era films, and wondered if you were the only one who saw it (you’re not–trust us)? Look no further!

Every week, we will take you through the ABCs of classic film, providing our recommendations and reviews of classic movie fare. As we are both building our own classic movie collections, we will provide reviews of some of the most recent DVD treatments and special editions that are released as we come across them. We will also occasionally offer reviews of newly-released biographies and documentaries on all things classic film. In short, we will indulge our mutual obsession, hopefully to your education and your enjoyment (or, at the very least, your mild bemusement).

All we can offer is our heartfelt love of classic film, and we hope you will feel free to share your favorites and your opinions, too!

As Bogie said, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Welcome to our site!

5 thoughts on “All about us: The ABCs of classic film.

  1. Anything but that…

    This is weird… 😉

    Not a “classic” as it were, but what can you do about a movie junkie? Nothing, and that’s my “professional” opinion.

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