123movies vs. gomovies – Which is Best and Working?

123movies was taken down for a while and for a fresh start 123movies rebranded itself to Gomovies. With the new brand name and domain name, 123movies hoped to gain some major authority and distinction from the rest of the clone websites which appeared after 123movies came into existence. 123movies became very popular among the fans and it continued to gain fame and 123movies has always the success that similar websites aimed to achieve. With the continuing growth of the 123movies, the website started getting attention from authorities regarding the pirated content and due to huge numbers of users, the website was unable to handle the traffic. Eventually, there was a great deal of downtime on the domain of 123movies.to on several occasions. 

Before switching to Gomovies domain, 123movies also tried Memovies for a few hours, the site owners were quiet about the whole thing, including the downtime of the site. After a while, Gomovies became the officially replaced name of 123movies. The main reason was to set the site apart from other similar websites and clones that appeared in the market from time to time confusing people. There were several proxies too which appeared with the same name as 123movies which was just adding into the existing fake sites. 

The admins of 123movies grew tired of the fake websites which were ranking quite high in the search engines and were using the brand name of 123movies, that’s why the rebranding was done, only to regain the position in the market and the news became official after the confirmation from the admins on Twitter

All the old 123movies domains including the 123movies.to and 123movies.is were linked to the new domain named Gomovies, this surprise after downtime left users shocked but the Twitter statement from the officials provided some calm to the fans. 

When we compare the old 123movies.to and the new gomovies website with the new logo and domain name, we will see that much of the website is the same as 123movies. Other than logo and domain name, nothing has been changed and the structure of 123movies has been migrated into gomovies. The references to 123movies were still present after the new domain name and logo, you can even find references in the FAQ section. The entire functionality is pretty much the same, once you have used gomovies, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference of it from 123movies because of same features and makeup of the website. 

The company gave no explanations regarding the downtime of the website and the officials confirmed that the company is hoping to keep the new domain active for at least a couple of months more. It was still in the news though that the name will likely change again in some time. The 123movies traffic was in millions and the same traffic was shifted to gomovies. 

Due to so much user base and rich content library, both 123movies and gomovies have been reported to the authorities several times. 

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