Mr. Grant makes for one appealing Santa Claus.

Happy Holidays!

From the entire True Classics crew, we wish you all the very merriest of Christmases. May your day be filled with good people, good food, good fun, and, of course, good movies!    

the working man 1933

DVD Review: The Working Man (1933)

Once upon a time, two young men, John Reeves and Tom Hartland, worked together at a shoe factory and became friends, forming a partnership to make their own shoes. But when a woman came into the picture, their partnership dissolved; Hartland won the girl, and the two men established their own respective shoe companies. Years…

tin star

DVD Review: The Tin Star (1957)

A stranger rides into an isolated western town towing a lifeless body on another horse. The townspeople look upon him contemptuously, initially assuming that he’s committed murder. But the man introduces himself as Morgan Hickman (Henry Fonda), a bounty hunter who has arrived in town to claim his prize for tracking down the now-dead fugitive.…


DVD Review: Elephant Walk (1954)

It starts innocently enough: a handsome, charming man meets a beautiful bookstore clerk, and the two fall in love and marry. They have an exotic honeymoon before returning to the man’s marble palace in Ceylon. Unaware that she had married a millionaire, it appears that all of the lovely bride’s wishes have come true–that is,…